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AX1200i Power supply to 8pin cpu for Nvidia P100

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Can someone please assist me in choosing a cable so I don't let the magic smoke out of my PC. I have a Corsair AX1200i and would like to connect to a Nvidia P100. The card has a CPU 8 pin power. Any links would be appreciated.

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there you have Corsair's cable chart for PSUs :


Your AX1200i uses type 3 or type 4 cables for EPS12V (CPU cables).

Type 3 is pretty old by now so you'll probably have an easier time looking for type 4 CPU cables.

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Question EPS12V  has a wide clip notch that does not fix the CPU power plug on the P100 card. It has the same with as the power supply. Almost like the pcie cable with a single notch clip. I am still stumped, 

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