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  1. Hey everyone, I recently purchased a refurbished Corsair AX1200i. Everything works fine but, unfortunately, it did not come with a Corsair Link cable which is the primary reason I purchased it in the first place (instead of just purchasing a new PSU). Is it possible for me to purchase a link cable from somewhere or is Corsair able to send me one? I live in Australia and I sent in a support ticket but its been over a week with no response. I still have my RM750i with all cables and accessories (including the two link cables that came with it) but the RMi has a miniUSB port with an optional analogue port. The AXi only has a analogue port for Corsair Link which the RMi analogue cable cannot directly connect to the internal USB header through. I understand this is what I need but have no way of purchasing it even if it was in stock: AX 1200i/860i/760i USB to i2C adapter (corsair.com) This is my first time posting to the forums so please let me know if there are any issues or require more information.
  2. PSU is Corsair AX1200i. Is this situation from topic title normal? Shoud fan always spin on self-test button pressed? I run self test while only 230v power cable connected to PSU. No any other cables connected. PSU lies on dielectric wooden clean office table. P.S. I know instructions manual says fan should spin on self-test button pressed, but why test status LED shows green light then if fan failed to spin on start? It is obviously not "green" situation.
  3. Hi folks, Recently purchased a used AX1200i without the original usb-i2C adapter (dongle) https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/PC-Components/Power-Supplies/AX-1200i-860i-760i-USB-to-i2C-adapter/p/CP-8920019 and unfortunately, Corsair support claimed the 1200i, quoted, 'has turned into a discontinued product and due to this reason, some spare parts are not for sell any more', and asked me to look on ebay, which I have no luck finding one. My question, if the dongle is intended to act as an Analog-digital convertor, will the 'CORSAIR Link Analog to Digital Bridge Cable for RM Series' work for the AX1200i through the comm port? https://www.corsair.com/ca/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/PC-Components/Power-Supplies/CORSAIR-Link-Analog-to-Digital-Bridge-Cable-for-RM-Series%E2%84%A2-PSU/p/CP-8920119#tab-faqs Many thanks. Felix
  4. Hi, I could not be 100% sure if the original cable between PSU HX1000 platinium ( 2021 model) and AX1200i ( 2013 or 2014) can be swapped safely. From compatibility corsair chart all type 3 and type 4 cable except 24 pin seems to be compatible. - However for Molex/4 pin, the pinout seems different (see picture attached). why original cable between HX1000 and AX1200i can be swapped with different pinout? - PCIE/sata the pinout are the same so can they be swapped? Thank you
  5. Hello - So, brand new system on newly installed Win10x64. Has been running fine for a couple of weeks through various stress tests etc, until a long file copy operation. Transferring around 1/2 TB from an internal Nvme (Raid0) to a pcie card Nvme takes about 3 1/2 hrs. During this process got the red light shutdown. Tried one more time, and same thing. It is obvious I'm not the only one, eg. the thread here: (https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=186076) What I don't get, is why a low power operation (was consistently taking 14/5 A on 12/5 V) during the copy with no other high power operations running, should trigger the OCP, especially since hours of stress testing caused no problems. Anyway, I ran the file copy again on single rail and it ran fine. So, I guess I'm asking whether I should RMA? One of the reasons I went for this PSU was its (supposed) ability to run OCP on the individual rails. Another thing that seemed strange, was the Link software reports the Firmware as N/A. What does this mean?? There is no firmware?! There is firmware, but Corsair does not know what it is?!? Joking aside, is it possible to update firmware, and is the N/A normal? Thanks. [Off Topic Explanation: Some might wonder why the file copy takes so long, given the hardware involved. The answer is Backup4All - I got it years ago when the single threaded operation didn't really matter. It does now, yet it seems the company still sell their 1 thread software. I wish I could find a reliable multi-threaded file backup prog. but when I've tried they all messed up the incremental backups - except Backup4All]
  6. Hi Team, I had an AX1200i which has been replaced with a DoA ax1200i and then replaced with an AX1500i however the new 1500 now has the same issue as the original AX1200i - it has a long beep that wont go away until reset of the power. video of noise here. https://streamable.com/30zyfz I would like to know why this is happening. I have escalated for my support ticket to get resolved again however understanding the nature of the fault would be appreciated.
  7. Like I said in the titel, I installed this PSU, and when it is nor connected, the self-test passes (green light, fans spins) but as soon as I connected the MB to the psu, when I start the PC it comes green for 1/2 second than red and nothing moves. Is there a way to test the psu (other than self-test, obviously) ? I have an ASUS P8Z77-V LX as MB Many thanks Simon
  8. Soo I got an AX1200i long time ago and it worked great, then after a few months it started to give the typical issue of the red light and random shutdowns, so I got a replacement from amazon. The 2nd unit had the same issue or even worse, it wouldn't turn on again. I returned the 2nd one and got a ROG Thor 1200W and it had no issues but I didn't liked it that much, so I returned it and again I wanted the AX1200i badly, so I bought it. And here I am with the 3rd unit and the same issue. I tried setting a manual fan speed, changing between Single or multi rail modes, and many more fixes that people suggested here in the forums or google. What should i do? There is a fix for this? Return it and get a HX1200i, as i heard they don't have this issue?
  9. Do I get the Gen 3 or Gen 4 kit? Do I need to mix and match cables for full compatibility?
  10. Hello, I've had my ax1200i for 3 years now, it's been working great until a few days ago. After I use my computer for a bit my PC shuts off then my PSU shows a red light. I hold the power button on my computer to completelty shut it off, I then try to turn it back on, but it only turns on for a second then my PSU immediately goes to a red light. Once again I turn it off completely, I let my PC sit off for a few minutes, then when I power it back on my PSU works normally showing a greenlight, but after a while of using it my PSU goes back to red. I'm not really good with computers, so if I had to take it apart completely to troubleshoot I would be lost.
  11. Hello, For months my system has been working fine with no issues whatsoever! In terms of hardware nothing has changed since but this evening, all of a sudden the entire systems powers off out of the blue. :mad: Then I attempt to power on again, it does nothing. Power off the PSU at the switch for a minute and on again, then powering up the system, the PSU Immediately goes to off, and the red light shows again. Pressing the self-testing switch does nothing, the indicator remains red. Now I've tried a different PSU in my system, to help debug but that seems to work fine. No sudden power-downs or anything, I can play games for hours without any issues. So I assume this AX1200i has also died? Shame, it was originally shipped to me as a replacement for the older AX1200 which also died.. :eek: Now, since your support system has changed, I don't know how to check how much warranty is remaining. Is this possible? I login to my profile but there's no details of me ever opening a previous RMA or anything..
  12. I have an AX1200i which just died, and it's just shy of 4 years since I bought it. I do have proof of purchase, but I still think that this won't work... Let me show you why. This is what an AX1200i looks like out of the box: http://www.xin.at/thrawn/pics/hw/corsair/AX1200i/AX1200i-stock.png And this is mine: http://wp.xin.at/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/taranis_case_17_psumod-680x455.jpg (Click to enlarge) As you can see, I modified the fan grille. Reason being that I was scared that I might drop screws into the PSU when working on the machine, so I added this as a protective layer to avoid that. Naturally, I had to break the warranty seal to add that mesh. Is there still a chance for me to RMA this, or can I just forget about it? I mean, I just bought another AX1200i as a replacement unit, but if RMA is possible, I would have a spare unit, which would be great. Thank you very much!
  13. Just wanting to know if I am still able to RMA my PSU, I bought it in AUG-SEP 2013. However I do not have a copy of the reciept and the company I purchased from no longer operates. Am I just SOL? Or can corsair help me? I've seen the issue I'm having many times in the forum and all the solutions are for RMA.
  14. Hey guys, for the past 3 - 4 months I've been having Instant shutdown problems with the AX1200i. [NOTE: Corsair Link had not been installed and the dongle has not been connected] Now the cause is the PSU's fan doesn't spin up when it should causing the unit to overheat and shutdown, giving the red light on the led. I have found a temp fix and it's quite obvious, all that needs to be done is to place a fan pushing air into the PSU and out the exhaust. For example I had a 200mm fan laying around so I plugged it into a system fan slot on my motherboard, ramped it up to 100% in bios and haven't had a shutdown since. Hope this helps you guys while getting a new PSU or waiting for an Express RMA or a LINK dongle to configure the PSU's fan. Peace, -Mikky
  15. Over the years I have done several computer builds in both the Obsidian 800D and 900D full tower cases. I absolutely love the Corsair Obsidian design line in that they provide plenty of room for water cooling components and an almost limitless modding potential. The only downside to these cases would have to be their sheer size! These full-size cases easily weighed over 60 pounds when fully loaded. When I saw the announcement for the new Corsair Obsidian 500D mid-tower case, I knew that I wanted to get one for the upcoming QuakeCon 2018 LAN event. Here are the components for this build... Main Components: CSE: Corsair Obsidian 500D ATX Mid-Tower MBD: Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 ATX CPU: Intel i7-8700K Coffee Lake AIO: Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO RGB MEM: Corsair Vengeance Blue LED DDR4 3000MHz 32GB (4x8GB) GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 PSU: Corsair AX1200i Platinum Modular M.2: Samsung 960 EVO 500GB (Windows 10 Pro) M.2: Samsung 960 EVO 1TB (Games) SSD: Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SATA III (2) HDD: Western Digital Black 2TB FAN: Corsair LL120 RGB LED High Performance 120mm PWM (4) FAN: Corsair LL140 RGB LED High Performance 140mm PWM (2) RGB: Corsair Commander PRO RGB: Corsair Lighting Node PRO Peripherals: MON: ASUS ROG PG279Q 27" 165 Hz WQHD IPS, NVIDIA G-Sync Gaming Monitor KBD: Corsair K95 RGB PLATINUM Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - CHERRY MX Speed MSE: Corsair GLAIVE RGB Gaming Mouse - Aluminum MPD: Corsair MM800 RGB POLARIS Gaming Mouse Pad HST: Corsair VOID Wireless Dolby 7.1 RGB Gaming Headset HST: Corsair ST100 RGB Premium Headset Stand with 7.1 Surround Sound I will keep this build log updated as the assembly commences and it starts to take shape.
  16. Hi everyone. I have had this AX1200i for over 3 years and it was working without any problems.Today all of a sudden, and after updating my GPU(RX580) drivers to the latest version, when I started the ETH mining software, my computer suddenly powered off.And since then whenever I try to turn it back on, it shuts off in 5 seconds with a red light on the PSU. I disconnected the PSU from any connected cables and took a video of it while pressing the self test button.I tried it multiple times. When I press the self test button, the led lights green but most of the time fan just moves and stops. Please watch the video (1 min long). At the 36th second of the video the fan starts with a full blow but other times it just moves and stops. Is my PSU dead?If yes, how can I fix it? Thank you for your help. Video Link [ame= ] [/ame]
  17. Hello. I've recently built a Haswell system about a month ago, that's powered by an AX1200i PSU and everything have been working fine for over two weeks. Ever since then, my system has been randomly shutting down without any warning, and trying to power it on results in the PSU (and its fan) starting up for a couple seconds, then it clicks and shuts down, displaying a red light on the self test area, which then requires me to shut the PSU down, either through its power switch or from the outlet. It seems it needs some time while powered off before it boots up everything, otherwise it keeps doing the same 1-2 seconds power on, click, shutdown and red light cycle. When it does this, the GPU led blinks for a second and turns off as soon as the PSU shuts everything down. Oddly, yesterday after I got yet another shutdown (on an 8 hour computer usage period I've been getting 2-3 shutdowns), the system kept trying to power on but the PSU shut everything off, this time without displaying the red light, but constantly looping a 2 seconds power on, shutting down and doing it all over again. I had read that some users suggested the Corsair Link dongle and software could be causing instability issues, so I removed both software, drivers and hardware but to no avail. I was running my CPU 100MHz higher than stock but I've reverted to stock clocks just to check whether it was tripping something. I have a mild GPU overclock and no memory overclock whatsoever. All reported temperature values are well within usable levels, no TDRs related to GPU temps, no forced shutdowns due to hitting the CPU's TJ Max. I'm clueless as to what could be causing this, and having gone and getting a high end PSU precisely to avoid reliability issues, especially since it's impairing work related computer usage, is quite bothersome to say the least. What could be causing this issue and how can it be fixed? Thanks EDIT: I should add that the PSU's self test is supposedly ok as when running self test without any cable connected to the PSU, it powers on just fine, same with its fan, displaying a green light.
  18. I've got a AX1200i I bought third party without any link hardware, and am attempting to use for some mining hardware. I cannot get it to run at 250W-1000W off of the PCIE connectors for any considerable amount of time (30 mins +) when used with a ASIC miner or with GPUs. I'm wondering if OCP is tripping it, and shutting the power supply off (red light) and if the problem goes away if I disable OCP through Link software. I've read in a lot of places that there is a non-trivial probability that the connector current readings can be wrong and can trip OCP. I'm looking for a lowest cost solution that would be persistent in a headless(motherboard-less) application. My thinking goes something like this: Get a link USB dongle such as: 75-001444 or CP-8920019 Set up PSU connected to computer Change/disable OCP settings in Link v4 (Specific version recommendations welcome) Test with GPUs, if pass, setup with ASIC miner, test again, if fails contact seller Some questions: Is the stand alone Link USB Dongle compatible with the most recent (seemingly more reliable/successful) Link v4 software? Will the settings persist after removing the PSU from the Link dongle and motherboard? Is there a way to disable/fool the current sensors via a shunt bypass or something similar? I'd rather not do this, but it is being considered as a last ditch effort. Some more background information: I've eliminated potential thermal issues by placing a 150CFM fan on top of the PSU fan. Did not help. I've ensured that there is less than 20A per PCIE plug, at least in theory. Each module has a max draw of 250W and that is split among 2 plugs. In video card testing, I'm putting (1) GTX 1070 per PCIE connector, and both situations lead to shutdown. I'd rather not get the Commander Pro, as it is excessive for my needs and much more costly for a set-it-and-forget-it application, but I will if I have to. Any info/input/recommendations are helpful. :D:
  19. Hello all, I just put together one masterpiece, an MSI Enthusiast Gaming XPower Z270 Titanium main board inside an Air 740 case with an AX1200i however - it doesn't want to power on! :mad: Upon my first thoughts, I plugged the power in and flipped the switch. I could then see my main board controls were glowing red (there are power/reset/overclock/etc buttons directly on this board). I pressed the power button itself on the board (not the case) and then - nothing, a flash of all led and fans, nothing - total loop. Frustrated, I began to investigate these same issues on this forum and started the following tests: 1. Turned off the power switch on the PSU and unplugged it. 2. Waited a few seconds, plugged it back in and flipped the switch - same result. 3. Peformed step 1 again, then disconnected everything from the PSU and repeat of step 2. 4. Now for self test, just a whirl of the fan and no led. Again, same. 5. This time, I unplugged the PSU only and depressed the power button to ensure the PSU was totally discharged. 6. Now I again, plugged PSU back in and flipped switch to on. Attempted self-test with different result - a moderate fan began to whirl for a 2-3 seconds and green led would appear for same time then turn off. Now I'm thinking, why didn't that work the first time I did the self-test? :grrr: Baffled, I reconnect everything with still, no boot or should I say non-boot loop. I then thought that maybe my PSU was actually faulty (as there are tons of people with issues on these and the manual offers little troubleshooting). I then used the first sticky in troubleshooting a power supply on this forum. I once again, rinse and repeat of power cycle with nothing connected now but ATX cable and I disconnect it from main board. I then connect pins 15/16 with paper clip and this time connect nothing but fans (three Corsair SP120RGB via included controller) (only led power, as fans themselves go to the board). Now, I flip the switch and I get a different result. Upon this, I see no LED from the fans - my self test led goes green then solid red. If I am correct, does that mean this small load is functional? :confused: If so, I tried checking all my connections and they are solid to this board. It is a Corsair Air 740 case so I have a ton of room even with the H80i CPU cooler. I have not bothered to connect a GPU since I cannot get even the basics to boot. This is a new Core i7-7700k with Corsair 2x8GB DDR43200 RGB Vengeance installed in slots 2/4 as per the MSI manual. The main board is defaults so it shouldn't have any OC settings yet. As this is a completely new build, I'm not sure what to do from here. Would anyone assist me with some ideas of what I can do to check if the PSU is actually functioning as expected or do I need to do an RMA? How long is the RMA process if it is?
  20. I just did an upgrade to an X299 mobo and CPU. I kept my current CORSAIR AX1200i PSU. I am now using a CORSAIR Power Commander Pro to manage my 6 HD120 RGB fans. Before I had all my fans run off the motherboard. The Commander Pro is powered by a SATA power connector in my newly upgraded system and connects to the mobo via internal USB. Now whenever I power off my computer- all my fans spin very slowly. No LEDs on the fans- they just spin really slow 24 hours a day now. When I power on my system they light up and spin at whatever I have them set to inside CORSAIR LINK. If I flip the main power switch on the back of the PSU to off- they stop spinning. As soon as I flip back to on (without powering on the PC) the fans spin. If I remove the USB connector from the Commander Pro to the mobo- the fans still spin. If I plug a fan onto a 4 pin molex or a SATA power connector- the fan will spin so I know it is not the Commander Pro. Any fan plugged into my PSU power cables stay powered on ever so slightly when my PC is shut off. It is not in hibernate or sleep mode. That can't possibly be good for my fans to be running at such a low power every hour of every day I am not on my PC? Is this a known issue? Is there an easy fix I don't know about? Thank you for any help in advance! -Rob
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