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iCUE v5.12.97 Release Notes


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On 3/18/2024 at 9:26 AM, Outspark44 said:

anyone with K100 Rgb poling rate not responding because ever since this update it just show me a blank barimage.png.d3a7f4a9f33c198a609de061ba9400f8.png

That's how it appears for me and it looks like it doesn't save your selection after exiting the settings window. The 8k polling rate option appears to be missing as well. This is the first time I've seen someone else even mention this issue. I've been waiting for an icue update to see if this gets fixed for over a month now. 

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I upgraded fine weeks ago - but I have ran into a bug with the Nexus: In that if the computer is on for several days straight, the display stops refreshing until you tap it. Then is proceeds to "catch up" IE you can see it fast forward to the current stats. I do not have suspend turned on for my PC or monitors.

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Forgot specs

Windows 11

Asus Z690 Hero


64G Dominator Platinum RBG.


Commander Core

K100 RBG Wireless

Night Saber Wireless

Asus 4090 tuff Gamming OC

H115I Elite cap


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