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[Bug Report] iCue 5.9.105 - Wireless keyboard color effect not changing while mural is active in wired mode

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I have discovered a strange behavior in iCUE, resulting as follows: While a mural is active, the wireless color profile of the keyboard cannot be changed or the change is not being applied to the keyboard.

The problem can be reproduced by following the steps below:

To test this problem, you can simply create a new profile in iCUE and configure a (wireless) color profile for the keyboard while it is not connected via USB. This works as desired. Then connect the keyboard via USB and activate a mural. Now configure iCUE so that the mural is used by the keyboard. Now disconnect the USB cable again. The keyboard should now switch back to previously defined wireless color profile. However, if you now try to change the wireless color profile, it will not be applied to the keyboard as it should be.
Only after you have reconnected the keyboard via USB again and then deactivated the mural will the keyboard apply the wireless color profile when you change it.

My configuration:
- iCUE v5.9.105
- Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Wireless
- Corsair K57 RGB Wireless
- Corsair Virtuoso SE

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