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[Feature Request] Limit maximum charge to improve battery health and life span of wireless peripherals


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Hi there,

I posted about this on Reddit and CorsairArt quickly replied to my post (thanks again for that); I will briefly summarize my question and my request:

I recently bought a K100 AIR and I was wondering if there is any setting (either via an official APP or via a shady script) to lower the maximum charge level (i.e. to reach 60% instead of 100%) in order to preserve the health and life span of the battery.

I am going to use the keyboard via dongle/Bluetooth for 9~hrs/day, and then I will connect the cable and use the keyboard in another PC for 4~hrs/day.
My concern is the health of the battery.

This continuous charge/discharge near 100% is certainly harmful. You can find more information about that on this page, Table 4 and Figure 6, and it can also be verified in more accredited papers (I simply do not have a handy link for those). In general, charging any lithium-ion battery to about half its maximum capacity will keep it "usable" (the term may vary) for 3 years more.
I just want to avoid stressing the battery when I'm at home, since I don't need to leave it at 100%.

It would be nice to be able to do this directly from the iCUE software, or at least have a hint on how to do this via DLL.

Thank you all very much, I hope this feature will be implemented. This can also be applied to any other wireless peripheral with a lithium battery.

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This would be a great feature on all devices that they have. Hopefully, it gets added and it carries over to the rest.

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