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  1. quand j'allume mon casque après avoir était chargée, il m'indique qui il est chargée a fond et 5mn après il me dit batterie faible, le problème vient uniquement de l'indication de la batterie car l'autonomie est la même qu'avant, malheureusement je ne trouve pas de solution de mon coté voila tous
  2. My headset has been working perfectly fine, until about 3 weeks ago. My headset wouldn't charge. I figured out that the input was kind of broken. I can charge the headset if I adjust the cable to a certain position. Today I realised that the headset won't even turn on. I've tried doing a soft reset as said on your support page, but that didn't work. And I charged the headset fully yesterday evening so I know that the battery isn't dead. One more thing, I've noticed that the battery drains very fast from 100-40% but then slow down. I payed about 150 euro for this headset, and to be honest im disappointed that they didn't even last a year..
  3. Hello CORSAIR, I just buy that unecessary but so sexy tool : NEXUS. I'm just desapointed about "widgets" and "capabilities". In deed, my ICUE Center can provide many informations like - Battery status (ironclaw or Void elite) - Temperature of my GPU (MSI), or CPU (AMD 5900x) But i can't use these informations in nexus, and for some information, i have to use these horribles defaults screens... So my questions are : - Is there any feature to open these "librairie of actions/widgets/button" to reuse them in my custom and so sexy screens (they already exists, just permit the reuse)? - Why informations displayed in the icue center, can't be reused in nexus? (I'm full corsair or MSI (GPU + Mobo) but a can't take advantage of all my setup corsair Should i use the MACROS to do an ugly script that read informations to display them in a .txt? No? Corsair, you are the bests!!! Kisses
  4. Would it be possible to add a battery widget to ICue Nexus? The Voice prompt in my Corsair Virtuoso headset is great, but I have no external visual of my Corsair Dark Core battery status (Unless I have ICue up on my second screen or checking the battery level in the system tray) Alt tabbing to check it is not a huge pain but the ease of scrolling threw the Nexus screens is nice and it be convenient to see the battery status at a glance. Also is there a way to display percentages of the battery level instead of relying on "High" "Medium" etc....? I got this Nexus thinking it would just be a nice toy to check out once and while but I am really liking this product and want to see develop. In the future I would like to see a refresh of this product with a bigger screen and less bezel and better viewing angles.
  5. Hi, I've been experiencing this issue for over a week now. No matter how much I charge my Corsair Virtuoso (non SE version) when I unplug it, iCue show's the battery status on Critical Low and the led on the headset blinks red really fast. However, I can use the headset more than 12 hours on that bugged "Critical Low" status, but as I can't see the real battery status, sometimes when I'm playing games it just goes off and drives me insane. I tried : Repairing iCue Re-installing iCue Soft-resetting my headset (holding the mic button for 15 seconds, then switching to usb mode and back) Re-installing Windows and deleting everything I even tried the headset on another computer and the issue persists. Please, please help me. I tried everything that I could but I just can't solve it. I created a support ticket but it's been over a week and they haven't written me back. iCue version : 4.12.214 (Also tried 3 but issue still happened.) Windows 10 Pro (Version : 21H1, Build : 19043.1055, Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.2020.0) Does anyone know how to hard-reset this thing ? Or can anyone send me a firmware file so I do a force update and see if it solves this problem ? Any help is appreciated...
  6. Hi all, As the title, I recognize when I switch the button below the mouse to turn off my mouse and plug the cable to charge, I still can use the mouse. I have other DarkCore RGB Pro Wireless ( not SE version ), I can not use the mouse if I turn it off even when I plug the cable to charge. So is it normal with my DarkCore RGB Pro SE Wireless ? If yes , Does it affect to the battery of the mouse if I still use the mouse when charging. p/s: I know the mouse should be turned off when charging to save the battery life
  7. I have had the Corsair Virtuoso headset for 24 hours and it was working fine yesterday. I got on my pc today and now when I plug the headset in, it will start charging normally for about 10 seconds then the charging light, corsair side light, and the mic light will change color and start blinking rapidly until the headset lights all turn off. Does anyone have a solution for this? Thanks.
  8. Hello! I have a HS70 Pro (a wireless headset), and the iCUE software has been causing me problems ever since I bought my headset, almost two years ago. When the headset's battery is "low", the headset beeps once every 60 seconds. The problem is that iCUE displays my headset's battery status incorrectly. For example, when my headset is fully charged, the software displays the battery as being 76% full, ever since I first used my headset. When iCUE believes that my headset is at 5% battery, the beeping begins. But in reality, the headset's battery is not nearly that low. Yesterday, my headset started beeping at around 6:30 pm. At the time, I was almost done with work, so I decided to ignore the beeping until I was done. Two hours later, I was still using the headset, without charging it, and iCUE was still displaying the battery as 5%. My question is: Is there a way to make iCUE display my headset's battery status correctly? If not, if there a way to stop the beeping? Or at least, make it less frequent? Thanks!
  9. Hello, can someone tell me how to view the battery status of the Dark Core Pro and HS70 Pro Wireless in iCUE Nexus? Thanks for the answers
  10. My Virtuoso SE can't maintain a charge. I've tried plugging it in with different cords and different sockets for hours at a time, and it won't stay on for longer than a few seconds. I've tried higher voltage connections, like wall sockets and fast charge USB. They work better but not enough. When I plug it in, the light next to the USB slow blinks red and never changes. The USB mode does not work when plugged in, and the Wireless mode only works for a few seconds. When unplugged, iCue reads the power levels of the battery as "Critical". I was having no problems with the headset before this issue, with no noticeable decay in charged time. I am currently using it by plugging in the USB and utilizing the mini jack, which is not optimal. Please advise, thanks.
  11. Hello, Got a Nexus and I have a Corsair Void Elite Wireless too. On iCue dashboard, I can see the charge of the battery of the headset, so at least I know this information is available somewhere in iCue, but there is no Widget to add it into the Nexus, nor the default blue bar that comes built-in in the Nexus shows it. Would be a pretty great feature for me, since I don't want to open the dashboard to see the current charge (that's why I'm trying the Nexus in the first place right? :)) I was thinking this was the right place for feedback, please apologize if not. Thanks!
  12. Hello everyone, I'm subscribing just for complaining and warn you from buying this product which is supposed to be the best Headphones from Corsair. I really really really hope to be wrong so I'm going to list the issues I'm having with this headphones and then listen to your opinions. I've received my Virtuoso 2 days ago. First issue: BATTERY LIFE. 100% Brightness, full charged. Goes from FULL to DEAD BATTERY in 4.30 hours. They claim around 20 hours. I'm getting 4. Do you think it's normal? Second issue: iCUE Compatibility I don't know what's wrong with this Software but the USB receiver is blinking RED all the time (stops after a few minutes), even though the headphones are connected. It's supposed to be steady white. If I close iCue, it goes to Steady White. so it's clear an iCue issue, really?! Third Issue: MAC compatiblity I got two computers, one for work, one for the rest. Well, I use a Mac for work and the idea was to use this headphones for that. I check the website, and look! iCue is fully compatible with Mac and also this Corsair. I install the SW, everything is fine. I try to play a video on Youtube, and before even reproducing sound, I head a STATIC NOISE / WHITE NOISE in my ears. Every time there's a media session with audio (so song, or video), a STATIC NOISE appears. UNUSUABLE. Guys, I really want you to prove me I'm wrong, so I can start appreciating an d fix these headphones; but, what I think is that I've either received a defective product or it's a defective model. Already sent a Ticket to Corsair, but I'm not receiving answers. See you and have a nice day :)
  13. There's no battery indicator anywhere for my new HS70 Pro Wireless headphones. Even iCue settings is just blank next to "status / battery" Screenshot: https://share.getcloudapp.com/qGudqBKN I expected there to be some way to check the battery level such as pressing the power button to have it spoken which many other headsets do. Seems odd to have no battery level info on an otherwise seemingly high quality headset. There is also an issue where sometimes sidetone will remain on when the mic mute button is pressed. Then when the mic is unmuted sidetone will turn off. The only way to turn sidetone back on is to move the sidetone slider in iCue settings. This is a highly irritating bug! Firmware is also at v0.01 which seems suspicious, is that the latest version?
  14. Bought this mouse a week ago. Just found out that in wired mode, the three side LEDs should display the battery level (e.g. lowest LED blinking red). However, it always just shows the DPI level. I can't find anything in the iCUE software about this. Anyone know what's causing this?
  15. Hello guys So , i just bought the corsair void pro wireless and the corsair st100 to charge the headset with, now i extended the st100 cable with a extension cable to my pc, when i am try to load the corsair void pro it disconnect and connects every second, and you hear the input output sound everytime, when i dont use the extension cable it does load, but that doesnt work cause the cable for the st100 is to short for my pc I already tried some other extension cables, and it didnt work either I also have reset the corsair void pro some few times Anyone knows how to fix this? would really appreciate!
  16. I have Dark Core RGB SE mouse and Void Pro Wireless headset. Those are great products, but the biggest problem is that these products won't tell user when their battery is going to be critical e.g. two hours of playing time remaining on that device. Nowadays the last thing I do I have to check the battery levels so if the battery is going to be low then I will plug it to charge (for overnight), but then there is those nights when I don't remember to check those levels and then mouse or headset might turn off on the next gaming session and then I have to find the cable and wait until device startups (= death in the game). I also don't want to put everything for charge for every night (And I didn't buy wireless devices so that I can use those with wires.). Corsair is making more and more battery operated devices. It would be nice if they would add some sort of "low battery warning" overlay notification to iCUE (overlay warning would appear briefly on the screen even on to of the game, so gamer would know that soon his device X will be out of power). It could also have some selection on the device settings that it could be turned off if user don't wan't to see those overlay warnings. What do you think? Anybody else having same issues with not knowing when the batteries are going to end on some device?
  17. I have been trying to figure out the cause of significantly reduced battery life and high CPU temperature even at low workload for couple of months now. By chance, I discovered that uninstalling the iCUE software dropped CPU temperature by 10C and almost doubled my battery life from 4 hrs to 9 hrs. And when I installed iCUE again, it dropped the performance of my laptop again (even when the program is not running), leading me to conclude that iCUE was doing something undesirable to my laptop. As I still want to use the software for my devices, I was wondering if anyone has ever had similar issue and how they solved it. tldr: iCUE causing higher CPU temp and lower battery life on dell xps. How to fix this issue.
  18. And it's currently not working. I bought a replacement battery from china with 3 wires (Black, red and yellow). I soldered the wires to the headset battery connector (Black to black, red to red and white to yellow). The device wont turn on with the installed battery, but if I also connect the headset with the cable, it will turn on but not connect to the PC (no sound and not connected in iCUE). Any ideas on what should I do? I will provide more info if needed. Also, is it normal that the connected headset wont turn on without the battery? Thanks
  19. Hello, i’ve been guided to use a Local DHL service to send my PSU to Netherlands HQ from Turkey. I’ve been given all the necessary documents(Waybill, Commercial Invoice etc.) When i spoke with the DHL employees I’ve been asked if the PSU includes a Battery like the one of a Powerbank? I answered it’s a turned off PSU and has no connection to anywhere since it’s in a package and they replied by saying they can’t ship Batteries. Now my PSU is Hx750i does it have a battery that may catch fire on an Airplane? If so what am i supposed to do?
  20. Hello, My Corsair VOID Pro Wireless started to show some problems. The battery only lasts for around 40 minutes which is unusable. I am looking for a battery replacement but I don't know which one will fit. Option 1: 950 mAh (Length: 43 mm, Width: 34 mm, Thickness: 6 mm) - LINK Option 2: 1200 mAh (Length: 50 mm, Width: 34 mm, Thickness: 6 mm) - LINK Option 3: 1500 mAh (Length: 50 mm, Width: 34 mm, Thickness: 8 mm) - LINK Option 4: 2000 mAh (Length: 60 mm, Width: 34 mm, Thickness: 8.5 mm) - LINK Option 5: 2500 mAh (Length: 65 mm, Width: 38 mm, Thickness: 8.5 mm) - LINK What would you recommend? BTW, I'm located in Europe. Thanks
  21. The power button on my void is not working at all, almost like it has been disabled. From what I can tell it is not in bootloader mode as it is appearing as Corsair VOID RGB Wireless Gaming Headset in Devices and Printers, not Avnera AV6302. The way I have been turning it on recently is by having the USB cable plugged and dongle plugged in then doing a firmware update, as after the update completes it turns the headset on. Also, the headset does not appear to be charging at all. I can leave it charging all day (while off) and the info mic will still be blinking red and if I turn it on (by updating firmware again as mentioned above) then unplug the USB cable it will instantly turn off, like there is no charge. It seemed to have randomly start happening this Friday, after I was using them for a long time and either it didn't warn me about low battery or I wasn't paying attention, and the headset just turned off by itself due to no battery. Ever since then it will not hold a charge and the power button does not respond. If anyone has experienced something similar and has a solution it would be much appreciated.
  22. Hi guys, I need help, the battery of my VOID Wireless is broken :( I have these headset since October 2017 approx.. I have been using them for months without LED lighting for longer battery life, but two weeks ago the battery drops VERY fast :( The firmware and software are full updated! When I touch the MUTE buttom, I can see how the battery goes down in iCUE.. and when I put to charge, spend an hour and only charge 15%. Sorry for my english, Im using translator, I speak spanish.
  23. Hello, I have spotted a few posts regarding charging issues with the Corsair Void 7.1 RGB headset, and would like to leave this post in order to assist others who have encountered this same issue I have worked around. I hope the below helps. Kind Regards, Jardie ----------------------------------------------------------------- Symptoms / Keywords to assist search: Headset always low charge CUE & Infomic both state charged / turn green respectively Battery remaining low after leaving plugged in for some time. Error Messages / Keywords to assist search: Battery Low Battery Critical Charging Battery Amber straight to Green infomic light on microphone arm when charging (powered off) Configuration: Windows 10 - Corsair Utility Engine: 2.23.40 VOID Wireless Dongle Firmware: v. 39.02 Possible Cause: Software / Firmware bug causing headset to believe it is charged when in fact is not. Resolution Summary: 1) Turn the headset off. 2) Close the Corsair Utility Engine. 4) Unplug the USB supplied Corsair Wireless Dongle. 5) Plug the headset in to charge. Note: that the Amber light remains active long after it would normally turn green. 6) Leave the headset to charge for a considerable time 7) Unplug the headset from charge. 8) Plug in the corsair wireless dongle 9) Relaunch corsair utility engine. Note: This should now display your battery at a higher percent. (Note, these steps may have to be repeated if headset remains charged / on but corsair utility engine reads the percentage as 0% - I believe it can become "out of sync" or incorrectly read the battery levels.
  24. Is there any way to enable Void Pro wireless headset battery indicator to taskbar? I know that icue has that indicator implemented because my dark core mouse has it enabled and it's very useful for checking when i need to put my mouse for overnight charging without checking it's remaining charge from icue settings page every time before turning of computer.
  25. I recently got an HS70 wireless headset, which I am really enjoying using. I was already using the iCue software for my Gaming Strafe RGB keyboard so it recognised it and let me change the settings. The thing I noticed is since having the heaset the Icon in the Taskbar is now a warning exclamation mark when the headset is turned off, which I usually do when not using it to preserve battery. I understand the warning icon on the headset itself because it can't get the battery status (though I would question that decision as well seeing I have been trained when there is a warning icon to investigate for new firmware, or issues, not just that the device is off). Is there a setting to turn this off? Or can this be logged as a bug or something. I get this being the default behavior for almost any other device (if my wireless keyboard wasn't connected I would want to know) but not for something as optional as a headset. A minor thing but OCD is triggered. Thanks
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