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Found 14 results

  1. Corsair please fix this! Please add a smother transition for the murals, as it can get vary flicker-y. What I mean is, whenever any color inside of any device changes it, INSTENTLY changes the RGB, meaning lots of change an cause a lot of flicker. Since I am a programmer, I have some ideas of how to fix this: One of the simplest ways to fix this would be interpolate between the the colors. One way you could do this is to use LERP to smoothly transition between the two colors. Pros: Easy to Program, Configurable, Fast Cons: Cant set a precise Time/Length There a a second problem still related to the first, where different lights will have completely different color's at different areas. (Also the colors looking incorrect) A simple solution would be to just average the all to colors contained in the device's area. This would almost make it act like the solid color layer but the color being the average. (this can also work as a more obscure way of simi-solving the last issue) Pros: Easy To Program, Solves 1 1/2 issues in one, Fast Cons: May look weird /w some devices (like keyboard) Another similar solution would be the same thing, but localized to a smaller AOE. An example of this would be a key on a keyboard, or a triangular slice on a fan (starting at the center, going thought the RGB), i.e. Whatever section RGB LED affects, that section the averaged and the LED set to the color of the average. Pros: Similar to what is is now, works /w all devices Cons: More complex Finally, EVERTHING would be configurable, as we really need more options /w this stuff.
  2. Hello! I have been using my Nexus for a while now and the software updates have been very good so far. Only I would like to have 1 option added.Could you make a separate color button for the temperature text? Because when the graph is full you can't see what the temperature is. In the image 'problem' you can see what I mean. In the image 'solution' you can see what I would like to see. Each circled color is a separate button in the software, so you can give the name + temperature + graph a different color. Hopefully this is possible!
  3. Hello, I recently purchased a Virtuoso headset to match the rest of my Corsair equipment (that I have never had an issue with). However, I am having an extremely distracting issue with the headset. When giving iCUE control over the headset, it seems to enforce its own kind of loudness equalisation, making listening to music or anything with dynamic volume levels very irritating as it continuously fluctuates. I have tried both Stereo and 7.1 Surround modes and Auto Audio Repositioning but nothing makes the issue go away. Now I have no choice but to use Windows Spatial Sound with a third party EQ software and sacrifice the 7.1 Surround support, which is incredibly frustrating as it is a primary reason I purchased this headset. Thanks, I hope there can be a fix for this in future, Jack
  4. I've just installed iCUE 4 and I like it so far (still getting used to the new layout though), I'd like to see an option to adjust the size of the 'windows'/ 'tabs' when selecting the lighting options for a device (image linked below) so that the name of the effect(s) is fully visible and readable. https://imgur.com/s7dPFOy Thanks.
  5. Ok I've been using iCUE for years at this point to control my k70 lux, m65 pro, hx750i, lighting node pro, strips, fans, hub, and asus mb. Obviously I'm all in like so many others and much of it because the products are great but also because competing RGB s/w is total garbage. On top of that everyone tries as hard as possible to lock you into their ecosystem and you have to get super hacky just to get different brands to work together. I understand why but it's still a sucky situation. I just want to know why we can't get some little QOL improvements like the ability to natively import more than one profile/folder at a time, active/inactive hours, and persistent profile importing selections. Most if not all iCUE profiles come with lighting effects, assignments, eq, dpi, HID, cooling, and alert profiles. Sometimes I want some of the other things but mostly when I'm (and I assume others) importing a profile I just want the lighting effects so why EVERY TIME do I have to deselect 6 boxes instead of it just remembering the preference from last time? Sometimes you may want more so just select it and the next time if you don't deselect it again. This on top of single profile/folder importing is just so tedious and unnecessary and makes a fresh install (as opposed to restoring a backup) ridiculously over-involved. Why can't iCue turn the lights off at night and back on in the morning? For years I've thought "oh they'll get around to it" they're such common sense features that I can't be the only person to think about/ask for it. We have had several MAJOR design overhauls but can't get these simple things built into the app. There are 3rd party apps to do some of it but why not natively in the app?! I don't mean any of this in any derogatory way and i appreciate the development that has gone into it but I would just like iCUE usage to not be so tedious. I also know many people's gut response will be "dude, it's free software, give em a break" but that's not really true is it? It's a piece of SEVERAL VERY EXPENSIVE products that some have put as much or more money AND time into than the rest of their rigs. Just because it's the best doesn't mean there isn't room for improvements. Anyhow, thanks to any and all who read/consider this.
  6. Hi there, What is the problem? At the moment all widgets with graphs (fan speeds, temperature readings and so on) adjust theyr Y axis automatically, so the reading shows a trend, but is not useful to determine the current value without reading the textual value. It would be better, if a graph would show the current value at a glance, without having to read the value itself (i think thats the idea behind a graph). At the moment a steady temperature at 27.56 degrees Celsius looks exactly the same as a steady temperature at 60 degree Celsius, but the second value is far more dangerous for the system. This would let you determine the current system status far more quickly. What is my suggestion? Include the following options into the settings of all graph widgets: - Choice between: a) Scale automatically (default, like now) b) Scale manually (let the user set a lower and an upper limit to the Y Axis). If the value falls below the manually set minimum value, just draw a line along the very bottom of the graph. If the value raises above the manually set maximum value, fill the graph completely. yours sincerly Christian
  7. As the title says, there's no feature I want more than macro shifting. Macro shifting is where you hold down a button, and it changes all the macros to a sub-layer, essentially doubling the available amount of bind-able buttons on a given device. (Kinda like the sniper button, but with bindings instead of DPI) I lived with some devices from Roccat and Logitech for a little while, and both using their macro shift feature, won me over a little bit. This would come to be incredibly useful on mice with less buttons, such as the Dark Core, or the Ironclaw, since you won't be as limited with ~4 macro buttons. If I get news of this becoming a thing, I guarantee I'll ditch my Roccat Leadr for an Ironclaw Wireless.
  8. I like to leave my DPI at max and adjust the sensitivity instead when I want the mouse to move slower, but the software only allows me to change the dpi by switching profiles. If I want to change only mouse sensitivity, I have to toggle between entire identically copied profiles rather than an option to toggle dpi within one single game profile. Usage scenario: Max mouse dpi in Anthem makes the menus almost unmaneuverable, so I use a toggle to switch between two identical profiles (with all their button remaps and lighting) - rather than just being able to toggle sensitivity with a button remap. That would be great! (D
  9. I use icue several months now in my work and I want it to make several observations about same adjustments the software needs. I often make large automatons and for time to time I might make a mistake to the order of the commands or to mouse coordinates etc, as you understand that results in to failure and everything goes to hell especially if you enable the repeat function, it would be really nice to be able to assign a key to disable all ruining macros instantly. Another problem with big macros is that you often loose track of individual commands if you want to correct something (example: input key/keys DownArrow) it would also be really nice to be able to rename every individual command (maybe even to create groups with different colors).
  10. Currently native RGB support (i.e. Far Cry 5, Diablo III) does not work with the Dark Core mouse. According to support wired devices are only supported. Can RGB support for this mouse be added? I understand battery life may be of concern but if there is a disclaimer on the impact I think it's reasonable to add support. Logitech and Razer both support native RGB effects for their wireless devices.
  11. I'm really enjoying the new iCUE software. One thing that nags at me a little is that my CPU Fan is tied to the motherboard it is connected through rather than to the CPU itself. It would be great if there was an option to include the CPU Fan connected to the motherboard in the CPU's "block" within the Dashboard. Thanks for greatly improving iCUE and making it a million times better than Corsair Link!
  12. 1: Can we please shrink the dashboard to anysize we want? Right now I have about 3 inches of wasted gray space on both side of the information. There is no way to shrink the window down any more and its just unnecessarily large. 2: Why can I not add a visualization of my RGB devices to the dashboard? I liked LINK cause the main page showed everything. Fan speeds, temps, and what the RGBs were doing. 3: Move Space to another window so it's actually useful instead of being covered by a game.
  13. This is a simple one (well in theory), allow me to set the min and max for the fan curve graph (specifically on the commander pro). I've got a D5 PWM controlled pump that will report 4800RPM which I can't control because the graph currently only goes to 4000. Also trying to set my fans which are 800-1700rpm is also a hassle because the graph gets squished by being too wide. Stretch Goal: Make a speed test routine that has the software train the graph based on slowly raising the speed of the fan and taking data points for highest lowest and PWM/RPM response.
  14. I just made the switch to iCue to see that Vengeance RGB is half supported by the new software. Lighting can be manually adjusted, but does not currently support the lighting link functionality nor does it work in Far Cry 5, this is a disappointment as RAM is almost the center of any build. Are there any efforts to make Vengeance lighting functions work like other products in the future versions of iCue? [bonus bug - Timings settings for ram display no options and a blank box too, see screenshot]
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