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What do to with a Corsair One Pro Ti (CS-9000009-EU) !


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Hello everyone,

I bought a corsair one in 2018. Works greats for some years.

Then I had the Windows update problem, so I waited as long as possible without doing it. But I had to do it for security reasons with Eset nod32.
But since then, the corsairlink software ( no longer works, it doesn't display anything! and strangely enough, it doesn't appear in the list of Windows programs, so I can't uninstall it. and if I try to launch the installation the PC crashes and reboots.
i tried to install version but i get this message: Installation package is not compatible with the system.

I tried to install iCUE but it only displays temperature information like HWinfo64 would.

so when I play the pc is very noisy I think the fan goes to maximum speed, at rest it's pretty quiet.
So what can I do now? Is there any way of accessing the pump and fan settings?

I saw on the forum that some people had replaced the graphics card, but for my purposes the 1080 Ti is enough (CSGO2). Do I need to connect the top fan to the motherboard?

thank you for your help


iCUE corsair one.JPG

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