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Corsair one (2017) 1080ti GPU no longer working.

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I think my GPU died. I was playing a non intense game, when I noticed the fans kick in and in the task manager I could see it using 90ish percent of it. Then my screens went black. And since then I havent been able to get any display. I tried a hard reboot and still nothing. CMOS cleaned too. When the computer is booting there is no display either.

The computer still works, I managed to login blind and run Spotify to verify everything else is fine. I just am not getting any video output. I confirmed my monitors are fine.

Is there anything I can do? Can I replace the graphic card or at least connect via integrated graphics to copy my data over.

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  • Corsair Employee

Hey Alawilet,


To my knowledge it may be difficult to replace the GPU but not technically impossible. However the chassis and cooling system are custom made for that GPU so to reuse the machine you'll have to use another reference 1080Ti GPU.


Unfortunately there's no integrated graphics port on the 2017 Corsair One. I suggest reaching out to support via https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us for assistance

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You could maybe look into buying a riser cable and replacing the original one. This could be the first thing to try and it won't cost much. It may not be the GPU that has died. In fact, if you are willing to work on your system, you could even just try and connect the GPU directly to the motherboard first to confirm that the issue is the GPU. You will need to pull out the motherboard to do this. Just make sure it is not in direct contact with metal surfaces or fabrics.
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