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Blinking macro keys

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i have the current iCue software installed and have a K100 keyboard. I love the ways and possibilities of creating own lighting schemes but i have one problem. I often use macros in games which are sometimes really short or really long and i use them to profiles which start automatically with the launched game. I need to see which macro is currently running (it has to blink and should blink in a consistent manner, for example 1 hertz), and the way i currently do it is really cumbersome. 

Here are two examples how my macro can work:

Example 1 (Triggering the left mouse button every 2 milliseconds with the left mouse button):

In order for the macro key to blink at a rate of 1Hz, I need to adjust the macro so that the left mouse button is pressed and released 500 times each, alternately. I can set the lighting to 1 second, and during the first half, I'll let it shine white, and during the other half, I'll turn off the lighting. If I don't adjust the macro to press and release 500 times (but only press and release once, as I actually want), then the button will only light up permanently white because the lighting duration is longer than the macro duration.

Example 2 (Macro lasting for 25 seconds):

In this case, I need to set the lighting duration to 25 seconds and then create as many subdivisions as needed to match the lighting duration to 1Hz and align with the beginning of the lighting macro.

Then I have to manually add the correct lighting to the macro.

And if I now want to change the rate at which the button blinks, I have to change and adjust all of this again manually.

It would be nice if the lighting effect duration were, so to speak, decoupled from the macro duration, and the button simply starts blinking at a consistent, self-definable pace and color when pressed, and when the macro is finished or terminated, the button immediately stops blinking. 

The blinking should show the current state of the macro key - macro running = blinking; no macro running = no blinking.

I hope this can be added in a future update 🙂

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Reviewing posts does not mean they reply to them.

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On 11/19/2023 at 2:44 PM, Kaliaila said:

Reviewing posts does not mean they reply to them.

if thats the case then im sorry for my comment. But still like i dont even know if this has been read or not, i need at least something like "we will see what we can do" so i dont have the feeling im being ignored.

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