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Is it oil or radiator leak? Corsair H80


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Hello, couple of days ago my screens started to go black(just like when there is no signal) randomly and after i opened case i found this.










and im not sure if its oil from fans or leak from a radiator and there is oily substance on the fan on top of the case too. Should I just replace cpu cooler? Any advice will be appreciated, Thank you.

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Well, you certainly have a lot of carpet fiber in there. Going to hazard a guess this PC lives on the floor. My best guess is that is bearing lubricant. It appears to be the right color, the spray appears radial, and if it was a coolant leak you would be in far worse shape with a clear and marked rise in CPU temps, probably to shutdown point.


However, my opinion does not mean much here. Contact Corsair Tech Support through the link a the top of the page (Ticket System). Include the pictures. The warranty for the H80 is give years, so it is possible you are getting toward the end or already expired. You will need the purchase receipt to mark the start of the clock. Regardless, probably time for a clean up.

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I will take apart fan/radiator unit in the morning and see what is going on with it, i will order new cpu cooler and there was leak on a gpu where the display port and dvi connectors are thats why my screens were going off, but saying that i dont make much use off gpu as i dont play games anymore, so i can take it out and live without it as I am doing javascript and c# all the time. I did submit the ticket Thank you for advice, really appreciate it.
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