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Updating to iCue 5

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I am having no end of trouble updating to iCue 5 from iCue 4 the previous version as all I can see during the installing of iCue 5 is that it wants to uninstall iCue 3. I do not have iCue 3 and have not had that ever since iCue 4 was released how many years ago that was.

It is also weird that the update to iCue 5 from iCue 4 on another pc, both similar specifications, running MS Windows 10 worked perfectly without any issues.

Please can this be sorted out somehow with my pc that is unable to update properly?

Thank you

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Yes that's just it after the following screen iCue 5 installer told me it was unable to uninstall the older iCue 3 and so the install of iCue 5 halted and failed.

However thanks to Revo Uninstaller software I was able to find the issue in the Windows 10 Registry which did show the iCue 3 software being there, I deleted all that in Revo and then was able to install iCue 5 after restarting my pc again.

Never mind that I had to create my mouse, a Corsair Scimitar Pro II, macros I want again, that doesn't take too long.

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When you cleaned house with Revo, you wiped the macro and profile data as well.  You want to keep exported copies of your valuable profiles and it would make sense for anyone updating to CUE 5 to make CUE 4 exports before starting the update process.  

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