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CORSAIR iCUE LC100 mini triangle


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Hello I have one question I would like to buy Corsair iCUE LC100 mini triangle. In my country currently only available is expansion set. I am wondering can i connect those triangles on my commander core which i got along H150i LCD elite AIO.

Do I get master triangle in expansion set or is it only difference that starter set has controller.

So in another words can I buy expansion set and connect it to existing commander core. Will it work?

Also in manual there is extension cable marked under letter F which comes only with starter set. Can I connect triangles to commander core without it (I understand that it only allwos better flexibility)? As I see there is another connection cable for triangle A.

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You can’t use the Commander Core for the LC100. It does not have a LED channel to connect and control the triangles. You need a controller with a LED port, like a Commander Pro or Lighting Node Pro. 

“F” is a led channel extension. It is not a required item. It just gives you more length from the controller. The here are 3rd party Corsair specific versions of these as well. 

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