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Can you connect 4 lc100 sets to a single hub


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Hey.  When you connect the lc100 expansion kit to the starter kit you don’t need to use the second rgb connector on the hub.  Can you connect 2 more expansions to the same controller as long as they are separately connected to sata power or do you need a second starter kit for the next 18 triangles.   Thanks in advance

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While using multiple SATA triangles might create enough power, I think the problem is going to be the LED count. Since each triangle has 9 LEDs you are going to run into both channel and total device max limits on a Lighting Node Pro. In theory this may work if you put 18 triangles each on both led channels of a Commander Pro, I’m not aware of anyone doing this. Someone may have a firmer answer, but the cautionary point is beware trying 18 triangles on Ch 1 and 18 triangles on Ch 2 of a single Lighting Node Pro. 


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