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iCUE RGB breaks randomly, forcing RGB to blue.

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Seemingly randomly, RGB fans break, showing a light blue color. After this, nothing is able to change it back, not even switching profiles dose nothing. The only way to fix it was to click Setting and click "Restart iCUE Services."

An image of the iCUE Lighting Hub, showing solid blue fans

This mostly happens when select a profile with a mural on it, OR if I stay on a profile for to long. (5 - ? seconds)

Similar Problem as me (different though)


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UPDATE 2: Turns out Opera GX is a software thate changes the colors of the light depending on the theme. To fix it I had to go to Settings > Software and Games an then click the Block icon next to opera.exe to block it. (make sure that Opera GX is open so it can show up in the menu)

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