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Corsair SP120 RGB ELITE fans not responsive...

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I just builded new pc, and I used SP120 RGB ELITE fans. I bought single and triple pack with lighting node core. So it seems that single pack works fine, but 3 fans from triple pack are not responsive... one is static red, green and blue, one isnt lighting up and third is just half blue.  I then tried switching fan rgb cables to diffrent numbers and then i figured out that only first input on lighting node core works, and other 5 dosent. Can somebody help me, did they scam me... or is there a way to fix it?

I appreciate any help!







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You are likely going to need some replacement hardware, so start the support ticket as advised above.  In the meantime, try connecting each fan to the #1 port individually to discern between a bad fan and a bad controller.  If they all work in #1 but none work in #2, it's probably a bad controller.  That is rare and most often one fan with one bad LED knocks out the chain.  The Lighting Node Core is a serial controller and ports must be used in 1-2-3-4 order.  Any skip or bad spot on the fan circuit will stop things right there or cause strange lighting downstream.  

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