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iCUE Periodically Detecting Incorrect H150i Temperatures

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I’m noticing something rather odd starting to happen with my system and it’s stumped me. Hardware is not my strong suit and this is my first build to use something like iCUE for control, so I’d appreciate any insight anyone could give, please. For extra info, the system is only ~6 months old, all new parts.


iCUE would typically report the coolant temperature of my H150i, the fancy version with the sensor display screen, as 30C at idle and it would typically reach ~35C while gaming. However, all of a sudden since just before the weekend, iCUE has periods where it will report the temperature at idle as being ~20C and it’ll only fluctuate by a few degrees while putting the system under load by doing things such as gaming. Just as inexplicably, after a time, it will jump to reporting a much more believable 35C, or greater, while under load or from seemingly having heated up from low fan speeds not counteracting the heat build-up at idle. Given that I’m running my fans off the coolant temperature, they of course rev right up and then the system will come back to its expected ~35C (load)/~30C (Idle) temperatures. These anomalies seem to happen both when the system is under load and when it’s idle. The CPU package temperature definitely goes up during a ‘Hiccup’, but it never gets crazy, even under load.


Each time there’s a ‘Hiccup’, it’ll stay like that for a time, resolve itself and stay resolved for the rest of the day, or at least the vast majority of it before another one happens. Since Thursday it happened every day until Sunday where it functioned completely fine all day, making me believe the issue was not hardware related and had resolved itself. Monday and Tuesday were both also fine until just now where it happened again for half an hour or so.


As extra info, I’ve:

- Just updated iCUE to v4.30.162.

- Use Armoury Crate v5.3.4.0 to turn motherboard LEDs off when the PC is shut down, because for some reason disabling this in the BIOS didn’t work.

- Use EVGA Precision X1 v1.3.7.0 to control GPU LEDs.

- Not seen any system instability or had any issues in either ‘State’ while idle or when the system is under load.


Wanted to mention these as I’ve heard tell that iCUE doesn’t always play nice with other programs.


Thanks for any help!

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Precision and Armory Crate won't try and read the Commander Core + LCD top so those should not be an issue.  This comes up more often in full spectrum monitoring programs like AIDA or HWiNFO and you can circumvent it by disabling the monitoring of internal Corsair devices like fan controller, AIOs, and PSUs.  


It's really hard to tell from the outside whether this is a legitimate hardware issue or simply a data blip like we have seen with the LCD top.  The reading is certainly false, but significant enough to mess with your fan control.  I would turn on debug logging in the CUE general settings and then start a Support Ticket with Corsair to log the issue.  

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