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Run two different macros on press and release

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I would like to create a key press, either on my keyboard macro button or on my Scimitar side button, that does the following:

When I press down on the button is does a keystroke like ctrl+x, when I release the button it does a left mouse click.  Is there anyway to do this?

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I think I have what you want, but it' a bit fiddly with the second command and I am not sure how you want the timing.


You will need 2 macros -- 1 for the CTRL + X and a second for the Left click.  Make sure mouse clicks are enabled in the General options.  


1) Macro 1 (CTRL + X).  Normally you can do this as a keystroke, but in order to add the release click it needs to be a recorded macro.  Hit record, CTRL + X, stop.  You'll need to delete the stop click and probably clean up your delays.  


2) Macro 2 - create and go to record screen.  It's easier to create it rather than record.  Right click in the record field.  Add event - mouse event -> Left -> Click. (pcs 2 & 3)


3) Now go back to Macro 1 and the advanced Tab (pic 4).  Make sure assignment trigger is set to "while pressed" and then add a second assignment -> macro 2.  The while pressed is what separates the two events.  While you hold the key it does CTRL + X (one time).  When you release, then it moves to the second macro (left click).  You might need to fine tune this since I am not entirely sure how you are trying to use it, other than a CUT and cursor drop.  


4) Last step is assign Macro 1 to a keyboard or mouse key.  I did mine to use the Sniper button on the M65 to make it look like what you would do with a Scimitar side button.  



Screenshot (284).png

Screenshot (285).png

Screenshot (286).png

Screenshot (287).png

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I am trying to accomplish something similar: I want to simulate a left mouse press plus a center mouse button press, assigning that to the back mouse key, but to continue showing the combined left+center press while I hold the back button.


Then I want it to release the left and center when I release the back button. 


So I have a first macro that has two events: press left button, press center button.


Then there's a second macro that has two events: release center, release left.


So far I have been unable to detect that the assignment does anything: I have tried both "While Pressed" as the assignment trigger as well as "On Keypress", but if the assignment is doing anything, it is too fleeting for me to detect within the application.


What am I missing?

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