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Corsair onei300 2022 Randomnly rebooting seconds after booting up

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Hi, I've been having an issue with the corsair onei300 RTX 3080 TI i9-12900k, when usually after booting the device it crashes and just restarts the machine, it doesn't show a blue screen or any kind of the sort, but sometimes it even restarts twice. This is largely more common when the day before the boot up, I have put the machine to sleep at least once, and No it doesnt restart when I awake the machine from the sleep state but after I have finished all my work and shut down completely the machine. After the restarts ocurred during the problem, the machine is completely stable and powerful as usual. Corsair Diagnosis shows: CRITICAL ERROR: The System had an uxpected shutdown. Any help with what might be the problem here? or did I get a faulty Unit?

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you can have a look at the windows event log to see if you have errors, and what they are.

That may steer you towards the cause, maybe software crash, hopefully not Kernel Power type events.

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I was having the same issue, had to reach out to Corsair Support and request an Advance RMA on the unit.
Found that utilizing the MSI Afterburner tool and lowering the GPU power to 90% greatly reduced the number of hard reboots that occured.
Took a real long time to receive the "new" RMA unit.
New one hasn't crashed yet, was sad that the replacement wasn't a new unit, & instead most likely a referbished one that arrived covered in white marks & quite dirty.

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