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  1. No problem. We do not have an alternative at the moment that comes close to the spec of CMK192GX4M12P4000C19. I checked kits that are meant for your platform and they are all discontinued, unfortunately. As far as future product availability we would not be able to comment.
  2. No problem. Let me know if you have any issues with the process or if I can clarify anything for you.
  3. Install both drives and take note of which slot you used for the drives. Disable the drive slot through the BIOS for the drive you do not want to install Windows into. Install Windows on drive that you want, reboot and reenable the other populated slot. You will not see a drive letter when selecting which drive to install Windows to by the way to answer your question regarding the drives being preformatted.
  4. The RGB issues are usually due to conflicting RGB software. I see you've created a ticket. An agent will be with you as soon as possible.
  5. We're sorry to hear you had issues with our product. I am glad we are able to take care of you with replacements. We are here and we are listening, feedback is always appreciated.
  6. It seems the video was removed 😞 If you still need assistance please submit a ticket and I'll get an agent on it as soon as possible.
  7. As c-attack has pointed out they are different versions with different platform compatibility. Of note as well, C version has a tested latency of 16-18-18-36 @ XMP and E of 16-20-20-38.
  8. AX1600i is still active. Keep an eye out and set alerts for it because as as soon as they come in stock anywhere they sell out fast.
  9. That product is unfortunately discontinued as you've mentioned so you are very unlikely to find them new at a local retailer. I took a look at eBay pricing and have to agree with you about the pricing.
  10. Thanks for your patience in the matter. The agent will be replying to your message as soon as possible.
  11. I see you have a ticket open for this issue. An agent will be with you soon. Thanks for your patience.
  12. I have acquired the proper firmware file to flash back to 3.11. Any requests for the file will have to come through our ticketing system. When submitting a ticket, please refer to this thread if possible. If you have already made a ticket feel free to PM me the number so I can provide you with the file directly.
  13. What happens if you move the fan to a different position on the RGB controller? Does it follow the fan? If so, the fan would require a replacement.
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