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h150i pro no longer detected

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Corsair Support is on the main website or there is a link at the bottom of this page. 

This is primarily a peer forum with users helping other users. Your description doesn’t provide any information beyond the fact the H150i is not detected leaving the field of responses fairly wide. Does it show up again if you disconnect and reconnect the USB 2 cable?  Does it remain disconnected at all times, even after a full shutdown and restart?  Presumably the AIO is still working?  What were the circumstances when it first disconnected?  Are you running any new monitoring software? 

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Did you unplug/replug the usb cable while the system was running?

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The cooler is working, yes? Just not showing in USB.

Have you checked USBDeView to see if it shows in there?

Also, perhaps try connecting to a different port.

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