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RGB 3 pin extender cable ?

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Hello all,

I have an issue with connecting my RGB (from the XD5 pump, XC7 CPU cooler etc) to my iCUE commander pro: the cables are just too short.

I only have three RGB to connect, I plan to satay chain the XC7 to the pump and use one channel port of the Commander, and use the other one to connect the GPU XG7 water block.

Where can I find the 3 pin female-male extension cables? In Amazon I could only find 4 pin extension cables. A20cm extension would be more than sufficient.



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Would this work?



Used this company for a cable that allowed me to connect a normal 3 pin aRGB component to my lighting node core and it looks a good quality cable.

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There's also PirateDog : https://piratedog.tech.
G-Major copied his stuff from them.

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I have ordered a number of things from Piratedog.tech in the past.  They even made some custom cables for me.  They are also fast with sending out items.  I have not been let down yet.  

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