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  1. Hey Fever, Revisiting this for the exact reason you are. I have the starter and extras of the 450 and 250 but as others have indicated there in no combination that will support video lighting on my Acer 34P (2 450's are about 50 mm too long). I mean for an ultra wide I feel what I have is a pretty common sized. I wonder if this product will be going EOL soon or have a revision. I was wondering if I could use two smaller 350mm strips for ultrawide (for top and bottom) and have the video feature work? From what I can tell the configuration screen still has the longer strips. If anyone has tried this please let me know.
  2. I am having the same/similar issue. Since the update my Virtuoso does not automatically switch from speakers to headset and from headset to speakers. It all needs to be done manually. I don't have a solution but would appreciate any thoughts folks might have on this.
  3. Thanks but the fans that I have attached to the H115i were set based upon the coolant temp through a Commander Pro. Since the H115i is no longer supported that option to use coolant temp is no longer available for the fans. I had it set to keep things cooler and while it does work I have no way to change that now. Thus my CPU temps were impacted. Again please reconsider your ICUE support for "Legacy" Corsair products.
  4. Thanks very much Zotty. I appreciate the feedback!
  5. I am looking at adding an Corsair H115i Elite Capellix to replace a H115i. Currently with the H115i I use a Commander Pro to control my Corsair HD fans/RGB. Given my system it would be much easier to allow the Commander Pro to remain in control of the 4 fans I use in push/pull config on the H115i. It appears that I cannot directly connect the pump from the corsair h115i elite capellix to the USB header so I will need to install the commander core to allow USB control of the pump/pump RGB. Will this work ok? I see no reason why it would not. If I do it this way in ICUE 4.11 will I be able to set my fans from my cooler attached to the Commander Pro (not Core) to the temp of corsair h115i elite capellix?
  6. +1000 to this statement. I really think Corsair needs to rethink support for some of these "legacy" products. We bought a product in good faith never expecting that you would discontinue support in the software for a working item and that essentially makes it not viable and not what you advertised to your customer. What happens when you decide a year or two from now to discontinue my Virtuoso headset since there are newer models and this one is end of life. I am suppose to just accept that? I might buy a new headset every 5-8 years. This is more than just hardware, this is PR and peoples money you are talking about. I am sorry that it is a pain to add more hardware but I really think it is the right thing to do. As mentioned by many, you are making people rethink their RGB options if they have no way of controlling older products that had been working fine in ICue 3 and if they want to get a newer ICue 4 only product. At the very least you need to give people a separate way to control these devices while allowing use of your new software. I am a real Corsair Fanboy. I remember creating some to the original ICUE profiles that some folks used. It's fun. I am not going to threaten to get rid of all my Corsair stuff but honestly for the first time in years I may look more seriously at other options before doing more with Corsair unless this changes. I get it. These are older products but people are hanging on to things longer. Many can't afford to replace old working products. Also why not make a public push to at least inform people well in advance (like a few years) that ICUE support of there item will be discontinued. Yes you may have designated some of these devices EOL but to the people using them they don't care. They know that it is working for them. I personally think that you really blew an opportunity here with the community. Anyway, thanks for listening. I appreciate you being open to feedback, though every time someone mentions one of the non-supported products there is a quick "this is not supported in ICue 4" answer. You need to rethink this or this will create issues with a lot of folks as well as Corsair.
  7. I have the H115i Hydro Series Cooler. What is the default operating mode of this cooler? I upgraded before I realized that it was discontinued in ICUE 4. :( I know I could go back but would rather not. I would ask that Corsair reconsider and add it back to Icue. I want to know how it operates with no software control. Edit: Just realized why my temps for my I9-7900X were going up. Without the monitoring the the pump/temp sensor Icue randomly picked another sensor on one of my GPU's to control the temp of the fans I have hooked up to my Commander Pro. These are the fans that I have in a push/pull config on my H115 that is sadly no longer supported by Corsair. I have been a pretty big Corsair fan for many years (though ups and downs) and while I realize product support needs to end at some point this simply does not seem right. Some of this hardware is not that old. I have to say for the first time in a long time I am deeply disappointed in Corsair. At the very least flag the update for those that have "outdated" Corsair hardware to prevent them from upgrading. As others have mentioned it would be nice if they could clarify why these products can no longer be supported.
  8. So I run an Ark Cluster and have my admin commands tied to the G keys on my K95 Platinum. About a version or 2 ago of ICUE I noticed that the macro commands tied to the keys seemed to be much slower to work. Like there are being typed out. Before they were fairly instantaneous. I had deleted all delays within the commands when I had created them a long time ago. I am not seeing a new setting to change. Is this how it is now? Something within ICUE changed and I trying to figure it out. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.
  9. Not helpful but I like the layout and look of the case. Nice build and set-up. The red fans contribute a bit to a Star Warsy Dark side build ("though I know that is not the color you are looking for" - saying in my best storm trooper voice).
  10. I am with you on this. We really need a more flexible way to configure strips that work with all modes including video mode. The dual monitor work around will not work or look correct with a Ultrawide screen for video mode. I really wanted to like this product but it is essentially collecting dust atm. I was hoping that they would have implemented something by now. I am not even sure they are planning anything. It would be good to at least know if this was something in the works. I don't want to use the NZXT solution and introduce another RGB ecosystem. Please Corsair, let us know if this is a possibility or not. Thanks
  11. Unfortunately I have now joined this club as well. I don't think any firmware or software update will fix this. I to enjoyed the feel and look of the mouse. I have moved on to a different mouse. Not sure if it would pay to RMA this one. I had it under a year. I don't recall when the elite came out. For better or worse I moved on to the Dark Core RGB Pro SE. So far so good. I like this mouse. Time will tell I suppose.
  12. Same with me. A bug of some kind. I believe it has been reported in the past.
  13. Are any of you running the ASUS plugin for motherboard lighting? I see you both have ASUS boards. I have one as well and if I enable the plugin I get crashes with ICue consistently. If disable the plugin then I have no issues. To disable go into the settings portion and uncheck in the plugin option.
  14. The one I had apparently was defective. I called support and they recommended I return it and get a different one. New one works as intended. :biggrin:
  15. It works in Wireless mode but when I plug into my usb port it does not work properly. No windows sound is working. Itunes won't even play audio. Tried Plex through my web browser and it gave an error message. I went into windows settings and it is there as the default device. The mic works and I can hear myself talk into the mic but the system won't play back any sounds while it is plugged in. Everything looks correct in the windows sound settings. So it seems installed and working but it is not playing any audio while plugged in via usb. Any suggestions or any others have this issues. Specs are current.
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