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  1. If you haven't already bought it, I'd be tempted by a 3060 from the likes of ASUS/MSI/Gigabyte etc. rather than the founders edition (as in, produced by Nvidia). This will give you the option of buying a card with RGB/styling already as a feature, rather than something that's been added on as an afterthought. If you're looking at an ASUS motherboard, consider also getting an ASUS GPU as that way, you can use iCue for all of your RGB needs rather than multiple different RGB controllers. As for mounting it vertically, mounting it like that in a 5000X will increase GPU temps - by how much does rely on the exact gap between the GPU and the front of the case as well as how good the airflow is on the rest of the case - it'll get hotter, but "should" be okay. The only other option that might work for you is something like this... Amazon Link It might not look quite as good as the standard vertical mount option but will bring it way further away from the case, ensuring good cooling (at the expense of using any other PCIE slots
  2. You sound to have a similar setup to me... 4000x case with a lighting node core as standard and a Elite Capellix 150 (admittedly without the LCD). I'm not using the lighting node core any more, just the commander core for all 6 RGB fans and it seems a much better solution. You can always reinstall the lighting node if you ever need any more fans (although where you'd put them in a 4000x I don't know). If you removed it, this would also free up a motherboard USB connector for other uses.
  3. I'm running a Radeon RX 6700 XT with a capellix 360 in a 4000x and it fits with 10mm(ish) to spare. That card is listed as being 320mm long so it's probably worth looking to see how long the card is on the manufacturers website and going from there.
  4. Yes, it does matter which way round you connect these. If you connect them and no light appears when you power on, simply swap them round and it will work.
  5. Would this work? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Corsair-Lighting-Node-PRO-Commander-PRO-LS100-RGB-Extension-Adapter-30cm/143752793117 Used this company for a cable that allowed me to connect a normal 3 pin aRGB component to my lighting node core and it looks a good quality cable.
  6. As said above, the top mounted AIO might foul the memory. I run a 4000X and have a H150i elite capellix front mounted and that works fine - I think the 115i could be front mounted (I believe it will fit) and use the existing 120mm fan from the front as a second exhaust in the top. All this assumes your graphics card isn't too long - my rx6700xt is around 20mm short of my front mount rad/fans and the card is (according to online sources) 320mm long
  7. I'm also looking at attempting a custom loop for my RX 6700 XT in my (as much as possible - AIO, Memory, Case, Fans) Corsair build. It seems a real shame that with the only cards you have a fighting chance of getting hold of at the moment, there's not a compatible water block for. It's not like it's not a mainstream card that would greatly benefit from liquid cooling, as seen by both Alphacool and EK already having these blocks released in their lineup.
  8. Having (literally yesterday) built a system using the elite cappelix 150i and an ASUS ROG B550-E motherboard combo, I can confirm that you plug the 3 pin tach wire from the AIO into the 4 pin socket on the motherboard. All you have to do is make sure the tab sticking out of the socket lines up with the recess in the plug. Edit - it's not plugged into the AIO pump header, it's plugged into the CPU fan header, that's just the way the board is labelled as the header to the right is the AIO pump connector (unused with a corsair AIO).
  9. Just looking into doing my first build with an AIO setup and was thinking... Notwithstanding that if the AIO pump is rotated you may have more of the cables showing, to get the best routing of the water pipes, can you orientate the pump differently to the way the cover is set (IE, with the logo the correct way up)? I realise there are other things that might get in the way of the pipes (motherboard heatsinks for example) but assuming everything clears, does it matter which way up the pump head is? Only asking as I've seen builds with a lot of excess resting on top of the GPU. Ta in advance.
  10. c-attack - many thanks. First build in a while and the first to have an AIO. The last case I built my own system in had space for 2 80mm fans lol.
  11. Hi all, Looking to build a new PC utilising a 4000X (it's a gift so I don't have access to it yet) and adding a H150i Elite Capellix (yet to buy) - I'll then reutilise the 3 supplied ML120 fans so I have 3x inlet fans on the 360mm rad and the other 3 fans exhausting out the rear/top. Looking to use Corsair RAM for ease of controlling the RGB as well and some form of ASUS motherboard (for the iCUE compatibility as much as anything else). The rest of the system is pretty standard - Ryzen 5600X and reusing my old graphics card temporarily. I know the case has an RGB distribution node (iCUE lighting node?) but am wondering whether a new (unsure of exact model yet) ASUS ROG STRIX AM4 mptherboard would have everything I'd need to run the 6 fans (RGB and PWM) and the CPU block? I "think" I don't need anything else, but am I right? First build in about 10 years so a little unsure. Thanks in advance.
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