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Corsair Lighting Node CORE not showing up in iCUE?

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I have a Corsair 4000X case, which came with 3 SP120 fans and a stripped-down (no outer casing) Lighting Node CORE. I've had this for a while and have never had any issues. I recently bought a QL120 3-pack (which comes with a new Lighting Node CORE) to add in (QL120's in the front & the SP120's in the back).


I didn't realize at first that one Lighting Node CORE can't support multiple fan types, so I took the old one out, installed the new one, and plugged all 6 fans in. I quickly realized the issue, and then reinstalled the old CORE and plugged in the SP120's to it (so now, each one has just the 3 fans it came with). But only the new CORE is showing up in iCUE. I can control the QL120s like normal, but the SP120s are just lit up in just a solid, default color and I can't select the CORE that they're connected to in iCUE.


Both COREs show up in "Devices and Printers," so I know that my computer recognizes them.


Any suggestions?

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