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ICUE Not Detecting RGB for Certain Fans

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I recently completed a new build where I have 6x QL120s and a H150i Elite Capellix AIO with 3x ML120s. I have it wired such that the ML120s are routed (both RGB and PWM) to a Commander Core, which is then routed into a Commander Pro via USB. The 6x QL120 RGB connections go to a Lightning Node Core that came with the fans in the 3-pack and that connects to the Commander Pro as well via USB; the PWM connections are direct into the Commander Pro. 

When booting up, all the fans have an evolving spectrum lighting going but when looking in ICUE, it only allows me to adjust the RGB for the AIO fans. It recognizes that there are fans plugged into the Commander Pro (as I can change the speed of the fans) but it doesn't recognize anything on the lighting side. I tried manually selecting 6 fans and then changing settings in the lighting but nothing actually changed physically. A bit confused on how to make the lighting work for the QL fans so any help would be greatly appreciated!

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The USB ports on the Commander Pro are a passive splitter back to the motherboard. There is no device to device direct communication. Unlike the Commander Core and XT controllers that use an auto-detect protocol, all other Corsair controllers must be manually configured. For your QL the speed control will be on the Commander Pro but the lighting control will be on the Lighting Node Core. Make sure you set it to QL x 6 in Lighting Setup. Your Commander Pro RGB ports are empty so nothing will be active there. 

Do yourself a favor and get off the fan speed presets on the Commander Pro.  It’s running a preset meant for water cooling but using cpu temp as the control variable. Drastically different scales will result in continuously high fan speed. Make your own curve. It can fetch the coolant temp from the H150i Elite and there are ready made curves for that on the custom graph (shape tools in corner of graph). Otherwise use anything but CPU temp and make an appropriate curve. 

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