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H100i - Fans stop changing speed until I restart Corsair Service

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I've finally tracked down the problem with my cooling situation where my CPU temps would stay higher than they should.


It is iCue. It stops updating my fan speeds AT ALL for no apparent reason.

Even if set a manual speed to 100% and apply it to both fans, the RPMs don't change at all.


If I restart the "Corsair Service" in windows services, the fans immediately adjust to what they are supposed to do.


Is this some known problem, because right now I am afraid of my CPU cooking if I leave an encoding job running overnight.

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I don't know about iCUE's crashes but the fact that the AIO stops controlling the fans may indicate that the fan speed is set to respond to CPU temp instead of water temp.

If you set it to water temp (H100i temperature), the AIO will keep adjusting fans even without iCUE.

If you set it to CPU temp, if the iCUE service crashes, the AIO doesn't get any temperature to adjust from.


In general, for watercooling, custom or AIO, it is a lot more efficient and less noisy setting the water temp as control variable.

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Make sure you aren't running any other hardware monitoring software such as HWInfo64, HWMonitor, Aida64, etc... along with also not running other RGB controlling software such as RGB Fusion, Asus Aura/Armoury Crate, MSI Mystic Light/Dragon Center, etc... These sort of software can conflict with iCUE causing the service to crash or not respond until you either hit the restart service button in Settings, or completely restart iCUE.
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So, while I understand your response....that is INSANE.


What you're saying is that to use Corsair hardware, I cannot make use of the other hardware I've purchases that has similar features????


I understand that hardware monitoring is not a perfect art (it's always been tricky) but if you KNOW your software has a problem with this, then your software should be able to detect when it's in a bad state and restart itself.

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