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Where do you like to place the Commander Pro's temp sensors?


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I wasn't expecting the Commander Pro (just got it) to show up with four little thermistors; where are good places to put them? The instructions say they should not be touching anything but I think in all the pictures of people's Corsair case builds I've never seen one of these things just dangling around somewhere!

I have a 280X case to put them around in and could use some ideas. I can use up to 3 since 1 temp port on the CP is for the XD5.

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Dangling is just fine. They measure air temperature unless you are using a special one fitted with a water temp sensor. When it touches something, you likely will get garbage data back. You would not want it to bridge two charge components like motherboard capacitors, so keep them away from there.


You don't have to use all 4. The two basic ones for most people are going to be 1) Rear exhaust temp and 2) Intake air temp (front or wherever that is). This is the main job of your case fans - remove warm air, bring in slightly cooler air from outside. Knowing the the difference in temperature between those two points is useful to understanding if the fan speed is effective. However, for control purposes, you can get by with just 1 at the rear exhaust for most people. The trick is learning the normal range and that will also change with your room temp.


Since you must have some level of water cooling going on, the coolant temp sensor in the XD5 is likely your fan control source. You can also use the air temp sensors to measure intake air temp before a radiator. This has a strong relationship to cooling efficiency and also lets you know when things are working correctly. You may think your coolant is too low/high, but when the air temp and water temp match, you know you are at the minimum possible temperature.

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