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  1. I can't tell from the pictures and diagrams online if the 4000D case can fit a 280 radiator in the top with a 360 in the front. Is there enough clearance for fittings?
  2. Different degrees of blinkenlights. This is why I just get the Vengence LPX; just aluminum heatsinks and speed.
  3. In through the radiators, out through the non-radiator fans. Top radiator wants to be cooled by the ambient air, not by the other radiator's output heat.
  4. I see a lot of people complain about iCUE but it seems to work perfectly for the last 8 months or so that I've had it. But both the 3.x version and new 4.x versions there's a huge dead space in the GUI. Whatever out-of-the-box GUI framework they program iCUE in needs to find the setting for that so it can be collapsed. I'm talking about this area circled in red. It cannot be resized away and it is a waste of screen space:
  5. Yes, you can cool those 2 components with a 360 radiator. It will be better than air cooled. How much cool, I think it will depend on how well your case is arranged for the air flow.
  6. I have a RM750 and the two stock cables with their dangly ends look sad going into the GPU. So I'm looking for some of those flat cables I see in a lot of builds. I can't find such on Corsair's own site so if I'm just missing it can someone give me a link? Otherwise where does anyone recommend getting those?
  7. For your question about the tube size, if you watch the video in HD you can see the hardline fittings are labeled 14mm even though he doesn't mention it.
  8. Honestly hard tubes are a pain and leak easily if you transport the PC like taking it to a gaming party. Consider starting with soft tubing, seriously, unless you want a piece of art build that never leaves your desk and took a lot of aggravation. Also, the QL series will work if that's all you have but the ML series are vastly superior for pushing through radiators.
  9. I got one via Amazon. It actually showed up with all the glass unbroken but then it was quite snugly packed. Took Amazon a week for some reason.
  10. It looks like really old thermal paste! No idea what it could be but I'm going to follow this thread in hopes someone can help.
  11. Excellent! I have the XG7 RX Reference for Radeons. It's working great, you'll like it. PS - See if a store near you has one in stock like Microcenter, etc. If you order it direct from Corsair they might ship it from Taiwan and it takes over a week. I found out this the hard way 😕
  12. It may be just me but the enormous graphic of the commander pro on the Home screen seems a bizarrely useless waste of space. There's not even anything distinct to my system on it. Maybe if next to the fan sockets was their power % and the temps from the respective sensors next to those plugs it wouldn't be 100% useless?
  13. You can add the sensors you are most interested in to the home page so you don't need to switch to the dashboard view. Although the giant picture of the commander pro on the home page is a bizarre waste of space. Perhaps the marketing team is the internal customer for this instead of the engineering team.
  14. So there are two temps involved when liquid cooling, fluid or component being cooled, and it gets super hard to tell which you might be referring to in several of the posts above. So, the CPU temp is 37C or the fluid temp? And the spiking from 45-65 is that also the CPU? Fluid should not get up to 65, that is bad. A CPU up to 65 should be no concern but fluid should not be more than about 15 C more than the room's air temp. Please always refer to fluid or CPU when mentioning a temp. These "cheap Chinese" fans you installed, are they blowing into the radiator or pulling through? Cheap fans make so-so blow through and really crappy at pull through. If you have them in pull through I suggest reversing them. If you still have the original fans maybe there is room to put them on the other side so the radiators get air coming and going?
  15. You should go through the custom loop configurator with your exact Zotac model and it will either say use the XG7 Reference or else it will say no cooling solution available. That's your best bet at making sure of compatibility, really.
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