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Excessive RMA response time


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How long should it take to get an acknowledgment of an RMA request that’s been submitted and that a replacement is incoming? It’s been 4 days with zero response outside of the automated “we got your request” email. Email sent to me explicitly states that “Customer support does not have a significant delay at this time.”


Look, I get COVID is a thing, but why say there aren’t delays if there are? I have a 250 dollar keyboard that is literally 250 dollars of paperweight.


Trying to do the right thing here....

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I tried to get my device in for RMA


The literal answer is as follows:


"I'm about to process the replacement then I checked our inventory list and it seems that as of the moment we do not have stocks for the K95 RGB Platinum keyboard. I will keep you posted and I will let you know as soon as we process the replacement. Appreciate your patience."




This is in complete violation with the 90 day warranty on the purchase. COVID can't be an excuse for everything. The answer I just got is "“your product is broken, we have no replacement, we don’t know when we will, you just lost 250 dollars.”


Who does this???


I am going to keep calling until I can get some answers. Acceptable answers are:


1) Provide credit equal to the purchase towards another Corsair product

2) Replace the product with another product with similar features*


I hope everyone reads this. Totally unacceptable. Between slipstream/single dongle being a complete lie, and this, I'm unlikely to buy Corsair again.

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NOTE: For anyone else reading this thread - I HATE this type of interaction. It represents a waste of time, money and is totally disheartening.


TL;DR Basically, I paid 250 dollars for the privilege of repairing a broken K95 because Corsair took no action to satisfy warranty. My k95 had a broken "h" key, and the keyboard needed to be replaced through warranty. Corsair basically said "we don't have a replacement, or any other answer. Too bad. Call it a sunk cost - your loss. We may get back to you when... well, we dunno. Have a nice day."


When Corsair signed off on not meeting their warranty in any way, I repaired the keyboard myself, as I had the choice between a 250 dollar loss or trying to get some value out of my investment. This likely voided whatever warranty I had, the exact thing I was trying to avoid in the first place.

Hi Mordred


Thanks, but based on the fact that Corsair basically committed to leaving me with a paperweight - as per my response in ticket 2003990973:


"Thank you for the reply


In light of the last set of interactions indicating that that device would not be repaired/replaced, I took it upon myself to repair the keyboard. The problem was simple - the soldering where the switch met the circuit board was barely present. In effect, I applied more solder and the key is operating as expected.*


Respectfully, this is in no way reflective of what I WANTED to do. The resulting actions are a result of, in my opinion, the worst representation of any warranty I have ever seen, especially given that we have limited options during lock down. Corsair basically told me that I had a 250 dollar slab of aluminum and plastic and "oh well, we will get back to you... you know...meh."


I will stick with I have repaired, knowing that it works as expected.


Please close this case, and as needed, inform people who may care.*




I will assume that your response in the forum parallels the response of Corsair in the ticket update I received yesterday. I was offered a replacement that would have been reasonable were it offered over a week ago when it made perfect sense. I had already done exactly the thing I did not in any way want to do, as it likely voids any warranty I may have ever had. It was that or just absorb a 250 loss, with Corsair making zero commitment to live up to its warranty.


I would love to hear how Corsair would compensate someone like me in light of the fact that I basically was left to my own devices to repair a problem I had to pay 250 dollars to inherit.

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