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Screw size for 4000D case


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Building for first time and looking for advice. When installing my motherboard to the case all items I had read led me to use the coarser 6-32 screws in the built in standoff on the case.


Trying three times I could not get the screws to thread. I then used the smaller M3 screws and all went very well.


My question is, do I need to persevere with the 6-32 screws or will the M3 used suffice?


The board certainly feels and looks secure.


Many thanks in advance.



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Hey Ray_JT


You will need to use the 6-32 screws for the motherboard installation. The standoffs are 6-32, and as M3 is slightly smaller, it is possible for this to screw in, but it will damage the 6-32 threads and not be completely secure.


Try and unscrew the 6-32 screws until they "skip" and then carefully screw them in again. You will need to have the screw straight, otherwise it might cross thread the standoff.

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