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  1. Try and screw in one of the screws from the new cooler - if the threads fits, then you should not need to remove it.
  2. I would reccomend having the 4 fans (front or side + back) push fresh air into the case, and have the two 360mm radiators blow air out of the case in a 5000D setup. I configure most of my 5000D builds with 3 intake fans in the front, a intake fan in the rear and side/top radiator as exhaust..
  3. Seems that you already got answered a good bit of your questions so I will just add a bit to it. Your problem is definitely airflow obstruction. The case it not exactly known for super great airflow (I've done a few builds in them myself), and enclosed in the closet was your biggest issue. When showing your results, it is worth also noting the fan speeds. You say that you run the Hydro X fan curves and from that we can kinda guess what you are running at. For comparison, I can run a 3080 + 7980XE (total 540W under load) with a single free standing XR5 360mm radiator with QL fans running at 1000 RPM (coolant temp at 48C, ambient 24.2c). If I bump the fans to 1500 RPM then I get the coolant down to 43C. So a case, and a case location with great airflow will give you a significant performance boost. I would not worry too much about it though, as your temps now seems fine, and you would "only" gain a less noisy system by upgrading your case.
  4. If you are using the original pads it should be as simple as sliding the m.2 into the bottom part, and then pressing the top part down on top of the drive until the 4 clips click in place. Can you show some images of what your problem is?
  5. That might be your issue. Also, as mentioned by others, so many commanders is not at all needed unless you want to run each fan at a different RPM (which should not be needed in your case). But since you already have the hardware, we might as well get it to work. Try running: motherboard USB header Commander PRO Commander PRO RGB hub 1 RGB hub 2 Commander Core XT And skip the USB 2.0 hub that you are using now.
  6. The 360mm is including fans in the front - so total length to the front brackets would be around 385mm, so you should have plenty of room for your GPU.
  7. How are you USB daisy chaining everything? is it commander PRO - Commander PRO - 7000D Commander? Secondly, why do you have so many commanders? With a few of these you can easily fit 12 fans onto a single commander PRO: https://www.corsair.com/eu/en/Categories/Products/Custom-Cooling/Accessories/Hydro-X-Series-Two-Way-PWM-Fan-Splitter-Cables-(Three-Pack)/p/CX-9070003-WW
  8. The best thing you can do for that scenario is to buy a 3 pack of QL fans that will come with it's own RGB controller. Each fan has 2 wires - a 4 pin PWM that controls speed and a 4 pin RGB that controls RGB You can put all 5 PWM plugs into the commander core, and the two rgb wires from your H100i also goes into the commander core. The 3 RGB wires from the 3 QL fans goes into the RGB controller that comes with the QL 3 pack. Your motherboard has 2 internal USB ports, so this will also not be a problem. Your case will also easily fit a H150I 360mm AIO in the front, and you can then use then either use the 3 extra QL in the top/rear or get 6 single QL fans and ditch the ML fans on the AIO entirely - then you can have all 6 QL fans on the commander core and skip a second controller. The important thing is that you cannot mix different fans RGB wires onto a single controller.
  9. I normally run a piece of soft tubing to the ball valve so it can be hidden in the cable/PSU compartment. Then you just need two compression fittings.
  10. You can add in a second pump if you want to lower the RPM. A custom cooled system really do not need THAT much flow to be highly efficient. I did 2 pump/res in my 7000D build, but you will have to be creative when filling a loop with two reservoirs. As DevBiker says, one will be plenty if you are OK with having it at 70+% power. If you want to go super low on the RPM, I would add in a second one.
  11. That should work yes - but only for XR5 radiators as the XR7 will be too thick and the fans will probably hit the pump
  12. As shown in Greg's picture, you can easily fit a 240mm in the top. I currently have a 5000D with a XD7 in the front, and a 360mm + fans in the side slot, and a 360mm+fans in the top slot (even have the top radiator as push/pull since you can fit fans in the top outside chamber)
  13. 47C is far from super hot, and I would not worry about it. The PSU will turn the fan on by itself when it is needed. If you are worried about the temperature, you can put the fan on a custom profile as you mention, but it should not be needed.
  14. Oof that does not look good! Please try and reach out to our customer support: https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us to troubleshoot what has happened in detail.
  15. If you only have 3 QL fans connected to the first channel, then the second channel should work fine for LED strips.
  16. If you get a pack of these, you can fit all the PWM cables onto the commander core: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Custom-Cooling/Accessories/Hydro-X-Series-Two-Way-PWM-Fan-Splitter-Cables-%28Three-Pack%29/p/CX-9070003-WW Unless your motherboard has enough internal USB headers for all the parts, you will probably need an internal USB 2.0 hub as well (can be found on amazon). Did you buy any of the QL fans as 3-packs? In that case, they will come with a lighting controller you can connect directly to an available USB 2.0 internal header.
  17. RGB: Your 3pack of LL fans should come with a RGB hub and a lighting node PRO - all 4 LL fans can be connected to that one, and the 3 fans from your Elite Capellix should be connected to the Commander Core that comes with the capellix Fan PWM: Your 3 fans from the Capellix cooler should be put in 1-2-3 on the commander core, the PWM wire from the PWM repeater should be put in position 4 on the commander core, and the 4 LL fans should be connected to the repeater. That should hopefully solve it. If you do not have an RGB hub and a lighting node PRO, you will need these for the LL fans as you cannot connect a RGB hub to the commander core, only to the commander PRO (slightly confusing, I know)
  18. Hi Kaitain, That seems wild - glad nothing more serious happened. Please try and reach out to our customer support: https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us so they can help you troubleshoot the issue in detail. Best regards Hans Peder
  19. Hi Sankekur, Do you happen to have any other software that measures temps and fan speeds open? That particular behaviour will especially happen if HWinfo is open.
  20. Hi Voodoochild, That sounds very odd. It is not something I have heard about before but we will check internally.
  21. Hi Teks, You can try and reach out to our support to see when it will be in stock again, or if there is any other way we can help you out. https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us Best regards Hans Peder
  22. Hi there, No worries about mentioning what specific board you have - it will actually make it easier to help.
  23. The 5950X gets HOT. I have one, under custom water with a massive radiator setup and it just uses all the headroom it can with PBO. I am pretty sure that the C14S will struggle to keep your CPU temperatures in check, so I would strongly suggest getting a 280mm AIO and put that in the top of your case. Our Elite Capellix 280mm AIO would be a great choice here
  24. Honestly, your temperatures are perfectly fine. CPU's can run up to 70+ just fint, and graphics cards often run at 70-85C as well without issues. The only advantage you would get from installing iCUE is that you can possibly make your CPU cooler run quiter (at the cost of higher CPU temperatures) If it's not broken, don't fix it. Biggest reason to install iCUE would be if you wanted to take advantage of customization of lighting, CPU cooler fan control, mouse DPI settings and keyboard macros. If that all do not matter to you, I would keep everything running as it does now. iCUE will not be able to directly help get your GPU temps down as that is controlled from the graphics card.
  25. Hi Zahidc, Have you opened a support ticket with our support team? If so, please PM me the ticket number and I will look into what is going on with it. https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us
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