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  1. I commented on another forum about the need for a new bracket or possibility of a new water cooler. I usually buy AMD but I am not adverse to intel depending on what is offered
  2. I use a commander pro to manage fans, and it has lots of LED headers for those who want more flash some rigs need two of them for more fans and leds etc
  3. Bizzare issue with my AX1600i, shows up in iCue but not in the dashboard kind of useless
  4. The noise is annoying but that is all, should not be happening however suggesting some fault maybe with the wires in the headphones I use Apple and lots of video on how repair their hardware but you may get what on youtube
  5. Don't feel bad, the guy working on the iCue product is only human and evidently his skill is not quite mine I started with mainframes before I move to the PC FORTRAN anyone?
  6. I have an H115i RGB and it shows up in iCue 4.x so I suggest checking the power at the commander to make sure its in range I run my commander and H115i from their own power cable to make sure its well supplied
  7. AX1600i shows in specific devices but not in dashboard, must be an oversight
  8. I have lots of gaming in on my old HX1000i and it averages maybe 88% to 89% at idle. The AX1600i is eye opening at idle at 92% to 93% which is a material improvement. I grabbed the AX1600i with the goal of having the best PSU in my rig. The AX1600i is slightly longer than the HX1000i but my 750D box is very spacious. The improved efficiency should mitigate warm weather to some extent. Not sure how good the air flow is through my H115i with a pair of fans pushing air into the radiator and out of the top. My RTX 2080 is 215W standard and 240W tubo so even my RM650 can handle it. Always nice to have a spare PSU or 3. The AX1600i means even duall RTX 3090 cards are not a worry but prices are out of line at the moment,
  9. generally wireless headsets will work when charging but usually I find it more expedient to do some chores while waiting for them to charge up most can charge up good in 30 minutes
  10. Depending on if you are using the analog jack or Bluetooth the quality of the sound is limited by the headphones themselves The HD audio in the typical box these days is extraordinarily good. As for iCue I am not aware of anybody mentioning that, as iCue is more for fan control etc
  11. I have iCue 4.0 installed never noticed Nexus on the downloads iCue 4 seems to like my museum of misc hardware
  12. There is no temp present so I guess I need to attach a thermosensor to the backplate which my FLIR camera shows as hot
  13. My case fans are run from the Commander Pro and it does not have a thermal mode available. I selected the balanced preset and see if that helps or whether I need to select extreme
  14. I have 2 front fans and one rear, and there are 2 top fans with my H115i I have watched framerate more than anything but MSI Afterburner does show the card is warm. I see that iCue 4 sees the video card so you would think it would increase chassis fan speeds when the video card is being pushed hard My RTX 2080 fans are running at 100% to cool the card.
  15. A friend on Steam remarked that my video card was running at 82C. I responded by mentioning that the base clock was at max and the boost clock was active. It seems that the Obsidian 75D airflow edition is easily able to allow my RTX 2080 to run hard when playing demanding games. I play at 3840x2160 which makes the RTIX 2080 really earn its paycheck,
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