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Corsair LL120 Lüfter defekt?

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Guten Tag,


ich habe seit einigen Wochen bei mein Lüfter eine defekte LED gesehen und mir stellt sich jetzt die Frage ob es wirklich defekt ist oder es ein Software technisches Problem ist?

Und ob man es beheben kann.




I have seen a defective LED on my fan for a few weeks ago and now the question arises whether it is really defective or is it a software technical problem?

And how i can fix it.




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This can be the fan or it can be the RGB Lighting Hub (or Lighting Node Core) the fan is connected to. That is part of the circuit as well.


That looks like fan #2. Swap it with fan #1 on the RGB Lighting Hub and see if the defect stays with the fan (travels to #1) or it remains in the same spot on the new fan #2.


Most likely this will be a blown LED on the fan. A magenta spot on white suggests the green LED is not working. You can test this by using Instant Lighting Green (it will go dark) and also Red and Blue where it probably still works.


Either way, start a support ticket now to get the replacement process going for fan or hub.

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