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AX1600i Australia box stick seal + nylon cover


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This probably has been discussed before but I really like some feedback.


You pay hefty price for such PSU (specially in Australia where everything is ridiculously expensive), you expect it brand new.


First box came with no nylon cover, no round sticker seal, computer shop happy that returned it by RMA although ensuring me it was all good.


2nd box same thing, not sure what to do now, not all parts came yet so am not.in a rush to put it together.


From specs am building a workstation and I hate the idea that this could be used or RMAd by someone or has been refurbished.


I read on another post on the forum that this depends on region, the region on my box is AU there is no double product sticker which concludes that it was shipped with AU power cable.


What bothers me most is that I can see the adhesive residue where the round sticker supposed to be. The booklet and sticker box looks to have been unfolded and tucked down, bit sure if this the way supposed to be


Patron my OCD, any ideas?


P.D not sure if it's in to post pictures with product SN on box, I can do that, pictures are for the replacement, original item shipped back but had similar thing.



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I just received mine from Amazon in the UK and I've got no Nylon bag, there was no round seal on the box either.


I had cellophane around the actual yellow box, but what's weird is the the box itself was ripped, and dirty. But no rips in the cellophane wrap. So how on earth could the box be ripped without affecting the cellophane wrap. Also how could the box get dirty under the wrap too?


It's almost like I've received a used unit that has been shrink wrapped.


I'm not happy.

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  • Corsair Employee

Dirty box is not cool. :(


Each PSU is BTO for each region because each region needs different power cords.


So, say you have a bunch sitting in the Taiwan warehouse (where the Oz inventory would come from). An order comes in for 100 units, they literally open 100 boxes and throw in 100 AU power cords. They then also apply the "CP-XXXXXXX-AU" sticker to the box.


In Almere, NL, where EU and UK stock is kept, it's the same thing. Going to UK? Open the box, throw in a UK cord and put a CP-XXXXXXX-UK sticker on it. Going to Germany? Needs an EU cord and EU part number.


Not sure why no sticker. They don't always have access to the shrink wrap machine (much to my chagrin... Not like those machines cost so much that you can't have a couple), but the substitute for that is supposed to be the round sticker sealing the end.


The nylon bag you see in reviews was removed from the BOM last year. Thank the cryptominers. Corsair built a whole bunch of high wattage PSUs to support that market, then the value of the Bitcoin fell and people stopped buying. Some units sat in a warehouse and that's when we found out that if the humidity is over 75%, mildew would grow on the bags! So they discarded all of the bags and took them off of the BOM.

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