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  1. @DevBikerHey, tagged you cause I think you have the same mouse?, I think I read somewhere in these forums. Any leads to my question? Thanks in advance!
  2. I ordered this mouse and it’s on the way to my country. Was just wondering how long does it take to charge via usb c wire and a random Qi wireless charger pad. Any recommendations for which type of Qi charger I should get? (wattage etc.) Edit: Also, can I leave my mouse on the Qi wireless charger pad overnight, perhaps a day or two maybe?
  3. Currently have Phillips HUE, I know they sync with iCUE but they aren’t individually addressable. Just thought I’d put these corsair lightstrips at the back of my PC table in straight line (about 2meters+) for ambient lighting. I have 8 pieces of lightstrips and collected a bunch of rgb extenders. Will probably extend the rgb wires by 2 meters more or less.
  4. It’s only for “ASUS” motherboards! Other branded Motherboard’s, RAM & GPU are not supported.
  5. Works perfectly my ASUS Maximus X Hero, now I wish they could collaborate with Philips Hue, Nanoleaf and Gigabyte.
  6. Yep, same problem. Audio cuts out for about 1-2 seconds when playing CODMW, especially when there’s some explosion or an intense battle going on the sound gets cut-off. Damn annoying! Don’t know what corsairs doing about it. I’m having an audio-crackle issue in USB and Wireless mode (often). I also came across the sound being robotic once via wired mode, had to unplug and re-plug to sort it out. The Audio Crackle issue is quite often happening via wireless mode when connected to the ST100. I’ve read some previous posts about the ST100 + Void having the same issue 1 year ago, don’t know if it was fixed, but now I’m having the same issue with the Virtuoso. They better fix this nonsense!
  7. You sure it’s not hardware based? I just got mine and thinking of asking for a replacement (RMA). I posted this on reddit: I have some issues of crackling, everything sounds robotic and split-second sound loss. All this happened while playing CODMW, after I unplugged/replugged the usb dongle + put the headset on/off it seemed to have fixed it temporarily and then again it happened later while in wired USB C mode. Besides all this when I turn my headset off the usb dongle keeps blinking red, is this normal? It’s really annoying! I’ve updated the firmware of both dongle and headset. iCue is the latest version. I spent ₹19000+ in India ($270) for this headset, I expect it to be perfect! Sound is muddy on default EQ but after I fiddled with it, it’s a bit better. Do I need to ask for a replacement or is there some software fix for it? I really like the aesthetics of it and it goes with all my other Corsair peripherals and components, that’s why I’m not asking for a refund.
  8. Hi, I just bought the K95 Platinum and the MM800.. but I'm a quite disappointed there is no feature to auto-switch off the lights. Why can't you'll add a timer/timeout feature? Even if I put off my monitor the lights still stay on. I have to goto the CUE app and click the off feature everytime is quite annoying. I know it doesn't have any onboard memory, but so does the Razer Firefly. There synapse app has a feature for it to shut down while away (timeout) unlike CUE. I feel people are going to be turning away after they realise this drawback. Please release an update with this!
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