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Found 23 results

  1. Anyone have any idea why i keep getting this red triangle on iCUE? When that happens i lose sync with all the lights on the ram and only way to fix it temporary is to close down the program and load it back up.
  2. Hi. I want to premise this by saying I know jack about computers and programming. I've had a K95 RGB Platinum XT keyboard and Scimitar Pro RGB mouse for 2-3(?) years, and have been using them with the iCue app since I got them. This problem started a couple of weeks ago. I would start my computer, and the lighting settings I had in iCue for different profiles wouldn't work. My macros were fine, and it would still switch between profiles properly, but no lighting. For a week, I was fixing this by just repairing the app [through Window Settings], but now even that won't do anything. How do I fix this? Thanks x
  3. Hi all, So since recently my iCue lighting blacks out or freezes after I wake my pc up from sleep, the ram stick do still work however. The only way to get them (led strip and cooler) working again is by closing the software with the task manager and opening it up again. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this or what might cause this?
  4. I got the headset on Black Friday and it worked good but the microphone was faint and my friends couldn't hear me well, but they got used to it. Some times how ever my audio would just cut out and my microphone didn't work and I had to unplug and replug the headset USB in then it worked. All was fine until a few hours ago same thing happened but when I repluged it back in the headset didn't get detected on iCUE but also the Volume bar was at 0 and I tried to put it to a random number to fix it but it went straight to 100 and its fixed there, I've restarted my pc multiple times unpluged and repluged mutable times and deleted iCUE and redownloaded it but nothing is working. :sigh!: Any tips?
  5. My K65 RGB Rapidifre has stopped syncing with my ICUE Rainbow six siege RGB profile and is currently stuck on red I can't even seem to change the color anymore like the RGB controls are broken even though it worked fine yesterday. I've tried reinstalling ICUE which didn't change anything. Unplugging the keyboard results in a short flash of my rainbow six siege profile before switching back to red again. After this I've tried using different usb ports with no success. I have attached the ICUE logs, there seems to be some error there but no clue what exactly. Even though the rest of my Corsair RGB ML120/140, H115I and Corsair veagance RGB Pro are working fine with the profile.2020-12-17T17-20-56.log
  6. Hey guys! Sorry, but I didn't quite no where to post this (it's my first post on the forum), but so basically I recently updated ICue to the latest version, 3.35.152, and since then it has been completely broken. For a while it would just crash every time I opened it, now after several computer restarts and reinstalls, I have managed to get it to stay open but it always says no devices detected, no matter what I do. I have tried restarting my computer, performing several reinstalls, and a clean reinstall, but nothing has worked. I reached out to customer support and told them this, and they got back to me and told me to do a clean reinstall even though I said I already did one and I told them that, and am now waiting for a second reply. Ticket (2003778460). I have also tried rearanging my fan setup, and updating windows. Also, for some reason the fans and ram won't even show the standard RGB, whereas my case, and keyboard will for some reason. I'm really sorry to bother everyone, but I was wondering if anyone had any similar experiences and knew of any solutions or anything I could do to solve this? I would really appreciate it! :D (Also side note, I used USBDeview and it says everything is connected, but for some reason when I open ICue it makes a USB disconnect sound, but it doesn't show anything disconnecting in device manager or USBDeview)
  7. I have been using iCUE for over a year and I have noticed in the past couple months that iCUE appears randomly to stop reading ALL sensor data. When I view the Dashboard, where all the system metrics displayed, everything is flatlined. This is seriously problematic because my CPU cooler fans are controlled through iCUE and when the temps rise and iCUE freezes, my fans to not accelerate as they should. I have done plenty of reading on this already and have tried several different possible solutions but have had no success in correcting this issue. Please help, I don't want my CPU to get cooked because of a software issue (if that's the case). ADDITIONAL SPECS: I have my PC specs listed on my profile, however, it does not mention that I am using the Commander Pro. I have 3 Corsair LL140 140 mm Fan and 3 Corsair RGB LED Light Strips connected to it. Also, I am using the Corsair H115i PRO as my CPU cooler. I have attached the system and info logs to this thread: icue-sensors-stop-reading.zip
  8. Hello! so i have ran into a problem with my Corsair Void Pro headset after a windows update. When i turn the headset on, firstly the red light indicating the mic is muted stays on when the boom is in both the up and down position. See, i have to high my sidetone functionality as i have a small child and it help me to be more aware of my surrounding while im gaming. If i try to enable or disable the sidetone in the software, it does nothing. If i press the mute mic button (short press, not hold), instead of getting the mute notification, it instead says "Mic feedback on/off" without actually effecting the feedback and the mute button doesnt mute the mic at all. I've tried soft resetting the headset by holding the mute for 15 seconds, i've uninstalled both headset drivers and software and re-installed them, i've tried rolling back the ICUE software but i have a hard time finding one to roll back thats older but not too old as the last time i rolled back it almost completely disabled the headset entirely. I've tried the dongle in multiple different usb slots to no success as well. (support ticket #2003680430 I had a conversation with "Corsair Travis" on reddit, in which he abandoned the issue and im still left with the problem. The following link is the conversation i had with him. please help
  9. Hello, I have come here to get help for a serious issue. So on September 11 (yes quite the awful day), I turned on my PC and I saw a notification about a new firmware update for iCUE. So I updated iCUE and it told me to restart my computer, so I did. After restarting, all of my Corsair products stopped working! I thought, okay, maybe I should fix the firmware, but the thing is, my keyboard and mouse won’t work and I can’t get past my lock screen! I tried plugging in a spare keyboard and mouse, but that doesn’t work either! I tried unplugging and replugging my devices back in too, no success. The closest I’ve gotten was using my Xbox One controller and pressed the Xbox button, which at least brought me to the Enter PIN screen, but of course, I need my keyboard to actually type it. I really need to use my computer, as this is my only way to comfortably do any work. I have a K55 RGB keyboard, HARPOON RGB mouse, and a HS60 headset. P.S. I don’t know which version iCUE updated to exactly, that’s why I included the date. P.P.S. I contacted Corsair support 4 days ago and FINALLY got reached out, and it was great help, but it required me to get passed the lock screen, and of course, I can’t do that.
  10. I've been having shutdown/reboot issues (already mentioned by someone else here) and since I do have a Xonar Soundcard installed I went on and got the iCue version 3.18.77 directly off of Corsairs website. Installed it and after every start it didn't detect any devices (even after re-plugging them) and just shut down, without any crash messages etc. To make sure it's not just a single version issue, I've downloaded and installed a variety of versions, all with the same results. 3.11.114 3.12.118 3.13.94 3.14.100 3.14.104 3.15.101 3.16.56 3.17.94 3.18.77 Interestingly enough, installing 3.28.77, which is the second most recent version from just a few months ago, won't even start. The fans connected to my Commander Pro ramp up for a second after installation but that's about it. The only version that works is 3.31.81 but has as already mentioned caused issues shutting down and/or rebooting my PC. What causes all previous versions of iCue to just not function at all and how can I fix this?
  11. Hello, for about 3 days now my Icue software has refused to recognize my corsair products and when ever I attempt to open up Icue software it immediately closes saying no device connected. I've uninstalled (and re-installed) many times with no help as well as trying to use the fix option on the installer. None of these have done anything, I've tried many different methods shown or talked about across this forum and on the web such as messing with control panel, device manager, making sure no game launcher is in the background, updating, unplugging and replugging. Nothing seems to work at all and I'm becoming very outraged at how many other people have also experienced something similar. But please if anyone has any solutions to this let me know. For details on how it started, my mouse was double clicking when I only clicked it once (which has happened many times) so I moved ports and tried to update the software on Icue I believe causing this catastrophe to occur. P.S I'm running windows 10 and only my mouse and keyboard are corsair branded
  12. So, as the double-clicking (Harpoon RGB wireless) has been a truly monumentally disastrous feature of, apparently, the iCue software, I've installed all updates as soon as they have been available in the hopes of stopping this double-clicking nonsense. However, the new 3.31.81 version is unable to install and bluescreens the computer at about 75% into the installation. Now I have a corrupted iCue installation that doesn't work. I've tried the installer about 5 times. Crashes the computer every time. Any ideas? If there's something positive about this, it seems that the double-clicking is gone with iCue out of the picture due to the corrupt installation. Edit: Double-clicking is back even without iCue installed...
  13. I just built a second PC and I want to use my K95 Platinum on it. I successfully saved 3 profiles to hardware on my original PC, however, upon import on the new PC all of the profiles are blank. Only the names show up. If I plug the keyboard back into the original machine everything shows up just fine. I also noticed WAY prior to this that I had no color profile on the keyboard until the PC finishes booting. It started doing that when I had on board profiles saved then did a fresh install of iCUE. After iCUE installed I will have nothing until the boot finishes, where before I could cycle through the profiles as soon as I turned my PC on. I don't care if the solution is hardware or software specific. I just want to be able to import my profiles on my new machine without having to remake them. Firmware: 3.21.28 Software: 3.30.89 Note: I tried again before posting for screenshots and the same result
  14. Bonjour, Bonsoir à tous, J'ai des problèmes très énervant avec ce logiciel. Sur ma Corsair Harpoon RGB WIRELESS, j'ai remplacé la touche pour le DPI par une "frappe" dans l'application. Et ce matin par exemple, quand j'ai démarré le PC etc.. pas de problème vu que je n'utilise pas cette touche et les autres latérales. Mais j'arrive en jeu, les trois touches ne fonctionne pas(hors jeu aussi bien évidemment). Et ça me le fait avec ma M65 RGB Elite. Je suis obligé de redémarrer mon PC en espérant que ça refonctionne car ce n'est pas le cas à chaque fois. Ma M65 est à jour, la Harpoon aussi et iCUE me propose pas d'update. HELP ! :mad:
  15. Hello everybody, I create that thread cause i encountered a very problematic problem concerning the mouse I recently bought (2 days ago). The mouse is working correctly (even with the annoying rainbow default effect), as long as i don't install the iCUE software. In fact if I do, my OS (Windows 10 64 Bits on the 1909 build) correctly recognize the software, launch and everything but two facts appeared. 1 - If i shuntdown my pc... the following message appeared : -------- Title : Corsair.Service.DisplayAdapter.exe - Application error. The exception Exception software unknown (0xe434352) happened into the application 0x0000000077144402 --------- P.S : I have a screenshot if needed but i have a French environment The fact is that if i do not have the software everything goes well...except the rainbow thing...and that i can't really choose my option concerning the led. 2 - the second point is really, really annoying...i became made cause it's been 2 hours that i search the answer, and the only one who made disappeared the problem was to uninstall the software of the new mouse (:laughing:). If i have iCUE my mouse is 3 times on 4, even 4 on 4 if i try to solve anything... double clicking and unable to highlight. Let's say that i work on my computer, with excel, word, photoshop and illustrator, i played game also and i can't accept to have that kind of major bug... I specified on my profil my configuration but stay available to send any information required. All my drivers and software are updated, and the version of iCUE concerned is the 3.28.70 but other (less recent) are doing the same. I uninstalled and restart my computer, but those aren't solutions at all. Thank you in advance for your answer.
  16. So recently i brougth a corsair 465x icue who came with 3 LL120 RGB and i also brougth a H100i RGB Platinum who cames with 2 ML120 so to complete the one space left on the computer i brougth one more ML120 but recently i discovered that you only can have one type of fans in the Lighting Node Core so finaly my question is there some way that i can control the light of this third ML120 or i will have to give him back to the shop?:[pouts:
  17. Hey! I have a M65 RGB Elite. It was working fine until few days ago. I didn't do anything, but i remember updating iCue to 3.26.95 if i remember the number right. I see many others have this same problem that I have: Suddenly the mouse has been acting werid, it doesn't recognize all left mouse btn clicks. Tried to find solution but didn't find any. I've tried to uninstall iCue, get it's older versions, tried to unplug and plug back in the mouse, tried switchin usb ports, but no results. I have been thinking, is there some sort of onboard storage on the mouse, that would make it remember something that came with the new iCue update and ruined the LMB click? This is really frustrating. Does anyone know when they will fix this issue or will they even fix it? Please, I need to get this fixed. If anyone has a fix for this or even ideas, please share with me. I'm really desperate with this after few older versions of iCUe and other tries of fixing. ------------------------ 2nd update: So, yesterday evening, the problem vanished. I don't remember doing anything other than restarting iCue service and updating firmware in iCUe settings. However the problem has returned and the fixes I listed won't work anymore. Also quitting iCue from task manager and stopping corsair services did not work. Even the problem resists, I still strongly believe it's not hardware issue, because it registers about half of the clicks, and the problem got away for few hours. I also noticed that if I click pressing hard on the more inner/ back side of the button, the click works. But that is not the case either, since if I click normally on the front side of the button lightly, I can still hear a normal click and before that worked perfectly. This is really frustrating and strange.
  18. Bonjour, Depuis un moment je fais face a un problème avec l'iCUE Quand je suis dans le Menu Préréglage EQ que j'active Stéréo ou Casque Dolby le son ne change pas, également quand je navigue du "Bass Boost", "Pure Direct" etc... ou crée un nouveau mélangeur rien ne change. J'ai désinstaller et réinstaller l'apli, désinstallée le driver dans le Gestionnaire de périphériques, le son change pas. Merci
  19. I've been using iCue for a few years now, no real problems. I tried updating it today 2/15/20. Once complete it never launched after the update. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling iCue and that didn't work. I actually tried restoring Windows 10 to the day before but once that was complete iCue still wouldn't it work. Ive read through other posts and have seen people with the same issue but they never really get the solution or at least post the solution. I've used IOBit Uninstaller to attempt to get all traces of iCue removed before installing iCue again. No luck Ive used IOBit Uninstaller to uninstall Asus Aura RGB software and Asus Armoury and Armoury Create. No Luck When I look in task manager I see some Corsair services running in the background. However, If I launch iCue it shows for a second in Task manger then disappears again. Any solutions? Thanks
  20. Gibby

    Ml 120 rgb

    Hello, Today I was setting up my corsair ML120 (3 Pack) that came with my corsair carbide case. I own a lighting node pro for my light strips but the fans dont show up in Icue. They run fine but they have no controllable RGB lighting. I'd plug them into the lighting node if I could but the RGB header is 4 prongs, not 3. Thanks- Gibby.
  21. Built a new PC yesterday. Wired everything together and even without an OS all of my lighting was working with the default Rainbow effect. Once I installed my OS, updated my BIOS, updated my GPU I decided to finally install iCue software to be able to customize my lights. Once I downloaded iCue v3.24.52, that's where everything went horribly wrong. All of my RGB light strips stopped working (x4), 3 out of the 5 LL-120 RGB lights stopped lighting up and my Corsair SPEC Omega RGB case RGB stopped working. I than started hearing a constant USB disconnect/reconnect sound and it would see some of my missing peripherals for a second than it would disappear and reappear constantly. I talked to Corsair support in total for a couple of hours and despite trying to rewire things multiple times in different configurations they deemed my Commander Pro to be faulty as things plugged directly into it caused the disconnect/reconnect bug. I am getting a new Commander PRO in today and I have drawn out a diagram of how my lighting setup will be wired using Zotty's CORSAIR RGB Hardware and iCUE Eco-System FAQ guide. I will also be re-installing Windows 10 Pro. I was wondering if there is anything here I am doing wrong which could of possibly been the reason why everything got destroyed by iCue. Any responses will be greatly appreciated.
  22. so i got ICUE and installed it yesterday at about 2pm and when i looked today at 2pm it had finally opened however after changing the settings and it crashed and wont open and it just stays as a background task taking up 30% of my cpu
  23. Can someone please point me to the previous versions of iCue? I can't run iCue at all right now as I foolishly updated to the latest version which leaves my number row & F keys all inputting many crazy things. Yes everything is up to date and locale is correct and drivers are fantastic and USB ports are clean etc. I tried it all before realizing it's iCue itself as everything works fine when its off. Just no macros controls. Thanks in advance. Kind of silly to release an update for keyboard software without pressing every key first. Also messes up my Scimitar Pro with phantom inputs.
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