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Found 25 results

  1. Worked fine until recent update. now the left 3 widgets flicker and turn solid blue. if you move the screen or edit the screen layout you can see them displayed normally but will flicker and eventually solid blue with white spike. Easier to see on video but cant upload that.
  2. I just updated my iCUE (v.4.30.162) and noticed something different. It works just fine but with the older version I was able to click on the iCUE icon on the taskbar and make the selection to open the window on the right side of my monitor. I could keep it open all the time and monitor everything at a glance. Now I'm not able to do that. It just opens to the main screen. Is this the way it is now or is there a setting that allows me to put it on right side of my monitor as before. Thanks for reading.
  3. Bonjour, j'ai regardé toutes les réponses que vous avez donné sur le forum, mais je n'ai rien trouvé en rapport avec mon problème... Lors ce que je clique sur "ICUESetup_4.18.209_release" ça me met une erreur : https://imgur.com/YNJeJi3 J'ai bien cherché à régler le problème mais sans résultats... J'ai forcé la désinstallation de ICUE dernièrement car le logiciel ne reconnaissait pas mes barrettes 4x8go corsair vangeance rgb pro 3200mhz, et après ça j'ai essayé de le retélécharger mais le problème est apparu. (j'avais déjà installé le logiciel il y a longtemps pour mon clavier k65 rgb mini)
  4. Hallo, seit kurzem ist mir aufgefallen dass wenn ich meine QL Lüfter auf die Farbe Weiß einstelle dass an 2 verschiedene stellen die LEDs lila leuchten. Wenn ich in die Icue Software gehe und genau an dieser stelle die LEDs auf die Farbe grün Wechsel leuchtet genau dieses LED nicht mehr. Vielen Dank schon mal im Voraus.
  5. Bonjour, J'ai acheté il y a pas longtemps, la souris SABRE rgb de Corsair, et aujourd'hui un clavier K57 WIRELESS. Mon soucis est que le clavier n'est pas compatible avec la version 3 d'ICUE, donc j'ai utilisé la version 4. Sur la version 4, le clavier est reconnu parfaitement, mais pas la souris ! Vous comprendrez que je suis pas vraiment content d'avoir acheté des produits Corsair, et de voir certains inutilisable à cause d'une mise à jour ICUE... Merci d'avance pour votre réponse, Cordialement, Florent.
  6. So I bought this on Monday and installed since then I have heard this humming sound coming from my PC. Ive stopped all my fans and realised it was the pump. I checked in ICUE and realised it was running at 2.2k RPM in quiet mode. if I change it to balanced, 2.4k and Extreme 2.6k. Is this a bug in ICUE or have I installed the cooler wrong? ICUE is on the latest version and so too is the firmware for the cooler. I have 9 fans connected via commander pro, commander core and node core. The commander core and commander pro are both plugged into my mobo. Any ideas or have I got a faulty cooler?
  7. Hi. This is my first post in this community. I am trying using iCue to set the LED on my RTX 3090 Founders Edition. However, it is not showing the correct color when I set it to white. It should be a pure white, but instead it appears blue and does not even match the other lighting section on the GPU (which is permanently white). I'm certain that this is a problem with iCue because I can set the color by using EVGA Precision X1, and that sets the GPU to the correct white. Has anyone else faced this issue? I've already submitted a ticket to corsair directly, but Idk how effective that will be.
  8. I recently bought a Corsair HS60 headset from Target. It's a solid headset in my opinion. Unfortunately, all of a sudden last night my drivers went from the standard Corsair to Conexant USB Audio and I've been looking for about 12 hours now finding a fix. Halfway through, I got my PC to recognize the headset as it's actual name, but now my mic refuses to work even when it's showing detected and as default device with full permissions. Even though my PC detects it finally, even iCue refuses to detect that my headset or mic is plugged in. It seems that nobody can really find a fix for this, and I'm hoping to find an audio expert here who has seen this issue before.
  9. I have a profile for my desktop, and a different for WoW, normally tabbing in and out switches these profiles instantly, but if I press play on Plex then tab back into wow, or even select the program from the taskbar, iCUE won't switch my profile to my WoW profile (That is also linked to WoW) Plex doesn't have a profile, so just switches to my default one which I use on my desktop or browsing etc. If I tab into wow and then use my media keys, the profile will stay as my one assigned to WoW, but as soon as Plex gets focus, like if I select the program or tab to it, it will then switch back to my default profile and won't go back to my wow profile unless I first pause the player. I tested with a couple of other programs, such as other media players and it doesn't seem to occur there. I'm not sure if this is something that's an issue on Plex's end or Corsair's, but if anyone has any work around it would be appreciated.
  10. Hi there! I have come across the problem where if I switch profiles in iCUE, button on keyboard or mouse/in app, where the profile changes Corsair headphones equalizer settings, then the audio stops working on Discord, and sometime even crashes games!!! The fix is simply to reselect the audio device I want to use, and sometimes restart Voicemeeter engine (virtual audio mixer). I usually fix these problems by myself, but I really don't know where to start. Any help is much appreciated! Thank you! With regards, Alvin.
  11. Hallo, bei mir gehen seit einiger zeit einfach mal die Leds der H150i pro und der LL120 Lüfter aus. meistens während dem spielen gleichzeitig bzw. kurz davor drehen auch die Lüfter unerklärlicherweise extrem hoch für so ca. 5-10 Sekunden. Ich hoffe mir kann jemand seine Hilfe anbieten um das Problem zu beheben. Vielen Dank Grüße
  12. So, since i restarted my PC earlier, my mouse has been getting detected by ICUE but isnt able to be changed colours. Using windows 10, latest ICUE and the mouse is in a 3.1 slot. Tried restarting and re plugging it, to no avail.
  13. Sure I might be outing myself as a weeb here, but I noticed the video lighting mode for the LS100 does not work with crunchyroll when in fullscreen mode. The lights just turn completely off or stay a static white rarely. It seems to do the same thing for Netflix in fullscreen mode. YouTube fullscreen works fine as well as games of course. Is there any way I can fix this or is this a bug?
  14. About a week ago, my LL120 fans disappeared from iCue. Around the same time, I discovered I have an error in iCue that says 'Failed to locate CLink Services' that I can't get rid of. Today, when I tried to update iCue, I got this error. I can't remove the program through the control panel either, I get an error saying the installation package couldn't be opened, and I need to contact the application Vendor to verify it's a valid Windows Installer package.
  15. Hola, tengo una configuración/perfil de colores para el rgb del ratón, ventiladores, cascos, etc pero cuando hay un mensaje de error o advertencia del sistema el led de la rueda del ratón y el logo del ratón se ponen en rojo como avisando de que hay una notificación y me gustaría quitar esta funcionalidad ya que no vuelve a ponerse del color del perfil hasta que reinicio icue.
  16. My h115i platinum AIO has an issue with lighting on startup of my computer. iCue is enabled as a startup program and when the computer starts the RGB on the radiator fans and the pump are rotating through spiral rainbow super fast whilst the other pieces in my computer are defaulted to the medium speed and work as intended. I have to quit iCue and reopen it for this to correct itself. Any help in correcting this would be appreciated.
  17. Hey guys! Sorry, but I didn't quite no where to post this (it's my first post on the forum), but so basically I recently updated ICue to the latest version, 3.35.152, and since then it has been completely broken. For a while it would just crash every time I opened it, now after several computer restarts and reinstalls, I have managed to get it to stay open but it always says no devices detected, no matter what I do. I have tried restarting my computer, performing several reinstalls, and a clean reinstall, but nothing has worked. I reached out to customer support and told them this, and they got back to me and told me to do a clean reinstall even though I said I already did one and I told them that, and am now waiting for a second reply. Ticket (2003778460). I have also tried rearanging my fan setup, and updating windows. Also, for some reason the fans and ram won't even show the standard RGB, whereas my case, and keyboard will for some reason. I'm really sorry to bother everyone, but I was wondering if anyone had any similar experiences and knew of any solutions or anything I could do to solve this? I would really appreciate it! :D (Also side note, I used USBDeview and it says everything is connected, but for some reason when I open ICue it makes a USB disconnect sound, but it doesn't show anything disconnecting in device manager or USBDeview)
  18. tl;dr Download this script and run it in a Cygwin terminal with administrator privileges to fix iCUE by renaming cpuid-related files. I am not very familiar with batch scripts or powershell; however I do use Cygwin under all my Windows installations and like everyone else I am/was having issues with BSODs and high CPU usage from the Corsair iCUE services, so I wrote a quick shell script that will automate this: https://gist.github.com/tonylambiris/6a88d1ae2a420aade0a817096a8582f6 #!/bin/sh CORSAIR_DIR='C:\Program Files (x86)\Corsair\CORSAIR iCUE Software' function isadmin() { net session &>/dev/null return $? } if ! $(isadmin); then echo "Requires administrator privileges to run." exit 1 fi if test -d "${CORSAIR_DIR}"; then pushd "${CORSAIR_DIR}" >/dev/null find . -iname '*cpuid*' -not -iname '*.bak' -exec mv -fv "{}" "{}.bak" \; popd >/dev/null fi You will have to save the code above to a file by either copy/pasting or from the link (I have mine named fix_corsair.sh) and then in a Cygwin terminal run "chmod +x fix_corsair.sh" so the script will be executable. IMPORTANT: In order for this to successfully run you need to run a new Cygwin terminal as administrator or else it won't work. Without administrator privileges: user@DESKTOP ~ $ ~/Documents/fix_corsair.sh Requires administrator privileges to run. With administrator privileges: user@DESKTOP ~ $ ~/Documents/fix_corsair.sh './Corsair.Module.CpuIdDevice.dll' -> './Corsair.Module.CpuIdDevice.dll.bak' './Corsair.Service.CpuIdRemote.exe' -> './Corsair.Service.CpuIdRemote.exe.bak' './Corsair.Service.CpuIdRemote.exe.config' -> './Corsair.Service.CpuIdRemote.exe.config.bak' './Corsair.Service.CpuIdRemote64.exe' -> './Corsair.Service.CpuIdRemote64.exe.bak' './Corsair.Service.CpuIdRemote64.exe.config' -> './Corsair.Service.CpuIdRemote64.exe.config.bak' './cpuidsdk.dll' -> './cpuidsdk.dll.bak' './cpuidsdk64.dll' -> './cpuidsdk64.dll.bak' './CpuIdWrapper.dll' -> './CpuIdWrapper.dll.bak' './CpuIdWrapper64.dll' -> './CpuIdWrapper64.dll.bak' It is safe to run whether the files have already been renamed or not, as I specifically check for that in the find command. Also, double-check to ensure the variable CORSAIR_DIR points to your correct installation path as it will check to ensure whatever directory CORSAIR_DIR points to is valid before doing anything (the default installation path is defined and should work for 99% of users). If you're not familiar with Cygwin, it's a free distribution of popular GNU and other Open Source tools running on Microsoft Windows. However if you don't have Cygwin installed or don't use it, porting the core of it's functionality should be fairly trivial to those more familiar with batch/powershell than I am. I didn't include any extra steps like messing around with services or applications. I would make sure iCUE isn't running first and foremost, and then after running reboot your computer just to be safe (in case the services running loaded any DLL files that were renamed). Sorry this post is kind of long, I wanted to include as much info as possible as it does rename files that typically can only be changed with administrator privileges. Hope someone can find this useful.
  19. I've had my HS70 Pro for about 7 months now, and this problem started about 3 months ago. Whenever my headset is low on battery, and I plug it in, it'll start repeatedly disconnecting and reconnecting. It stops after it charges for a while. I checked iCue while it was happening, and when its unplugged it shows the actual battery, then when i plug it in instead of saying charging like it should, the battery increases, all the way up to 90. When i unplug it it goes back down to 3%. I really can not stand this and would appreciate any help I can get.
  20. I have been using iCUE for over a year and I have noticed in the past couple months that iCUE appears randomly to stop reading ALL sensor data. When I view the Dashboard, where all the system metrics displayed, everything is flatlined. This is seriously problematic because my CPU cooler fans are controlled through iCUE and when the temps rise and iCUE freezes, my fans to not accelerate as they should. I have done plenty of reading on this already and have tried several different possible solutions but have had no success in correcting this issue. Please help, I don't want my CPU to get cooked because of a software issue (if that's the case). ADDITIONAL SPECS: I have my PC specs listed on my profile, however, it does not mention that I am using the Commander Pro. I have 3 Corsair LL140 140 mm Fan and 3 Corsair RGB LED Light Strips connected to it. Also, I am using the Corsair H115i PRO as my CPU cooler. I have attached the system and info logs to this thread: icue-sensors-stop-reading.zip
  21. Hello, This is going to be a lengthy message but here I go. So about 3 ish days ago I took my pc apart to remove my h100i platinum cause it was creating condensation in my case (replaced with stock ryzen cooler) and to cable manage better. This required disconnecting everything to route the wires properly(including all my corsair iCUE products). When I was all done and with the pc booted up I noticed my corsair rgb strip was stuttering as if my ram usage was high. So i checked task manager and nothing else was running. So I said ok maybe a reboot should do it. Nope, it didnt help. A day later(today) i noticed now my fans are stuttering/lagging(not smooth). So I tried googling and basically did everything in the book. I did the following today. 1. Re seated all wires(including corsair products) 2. Disconnected each lighting strip and fan one at a time to see if one was defective ad causeing this. 3. Deleted all other rgb softwares I had like asus aura and asrock polychrome. 4. Repaired icue 5. Unistalled icue and reinstalled 6. Tried previous versions of icue cause today I updated icue to the new one that allows for asus strix gpus to be controlled through icue 7. Tried previous versions of windows updates 8. Changed usb powermanagement settings 9. Ive also check to see for any spikes in cpu, ram. Ethernet and storage usage to see if they align for when the stuttering occurs and I can find a clear pattern sometjme they alogn and other times not at all. The list goes on. Maybe i havent done something. Thats why im here. I also noticed that when i COMPLETLY close out of iCUE and my lights default to the rainbow wave, they lights no longer stutter/lag. Also when i restart my pc(before icue can boot up) the lights dont stutter/lag. Seem to only be occuring when iCUE is running. I have the following products Ql 120 x 9 Lighting node pro x 1 Commander pro x 1 Node core x 2 Lighting strip x 4 Vengeance rgb pro x4 (32gb) I have 6 fans into 1 node core that is then connected to the lightning node and the lighting node is connected to an usb port on the commander pro. The 3 other fans are connected to another node core that is then connect into and led port on the commander pro. My lighting strips are daisy chained and connected into the other led port in the commander pro. Finally the commander pro is connected into the motherboard via usb. Bear in mind that all my corsair products weren't lagging before disassembling my pc on Tuesday.
  22. I've read a few of the different threads about this issue and have tried a few of the different solutions and no luck. Also tried some of the solutions in the Liquid Cooler FAQ. I just got this AIO and it was working great but then the fans randomly ramped up to really high RPM after using it for a few hours despite temperatures not changing that would suggest full tilt fan speed according to the curve I set. They did not respond to changing fan curves in iCue or changing performance profiles. I tried restarting and they start at full speed. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling iCue. I tried forcing a firmware update that failed. Now the cooler does not appear in iCue or device manager. The light on the heatsink isn't lighting up and I think (?) I was using the rainbow/spiral setting that seems to be causing issues. I also was using MSI Afterburner and HWinfo at the time. Tried uninstalling those and uninstall/reinstalling iCue still no luck. I've also tried the routing it to the back and windows recognizes it and says it setting it up but still does not appear. It does appear in USBDeview though which is interesting since I don't see it or anything similar to it in device manager. Attaching screenshots of both. I also get the usb disconnecting sound now periodically but that goes away if I uninstall iCue. Any other troubleshooting routes I should try? My hardware is in my profile.
  23. I just purchased this new Corsair Void Elite Surround Premium Gaming Headset and plugged it into my computer. I noticed that it was giving sending my own voice back as well as all the other sounds on the computer. I looked into it and found the download for the iCUE on the manuals that came in the box. I downloaded it and now whenever I go into the iCUE app it says my mic is off and I cannot hear any sounds and my mic does not work. This is a wired headset plugged into my pc with the included usb dongle. Can someone help me and tell me why this is happening? Thank you!
  24. I just want to start off by saying I previously posted my original thread in the wrong category. So my problem is that when I plugged in my headset for the first time it was working. I had just recently bought it and was ready. Then I noticed that I was hearing my own voice through the headset. I could hear other audio but hearing my own voice got annoying. I went in to researching how to fix it and found nothing. Then I went to the manuals that came with the headset and found the iCUE download and got it. After I installed it I plugged in my headset using the included 3.5mm headphone jack to usb dongle that came with my headset and was greeted with the voice on the iCUE saying “headset off.” Then no sound was coming through and I tried to call my friend on discord and when he answered he typed in the chat that he could not hear me. I was confused and researched again to find nothing on what was happening. I tried everything I knew to do but could not find a solution. Could someone help me? Thank you
  25. Hello all, firstly I am terribly sorry if this has been asked previously, but I have not been able to find anything similar to my issue. Backstory: This morning I had reset my PC (Windows 10 Home) in order to clean out some discs and gain a "fresh-start" on my PC. To my delight all the installations were extremely easy and went rather seamlessly, except the iCUE one. What happens: When executing the .msi, the small installer-popup opens and promts me to install, I then am required to grant administrator permissions for the installation to continue. Then, I have the loading-circle next to my cursor and nothing further happens. When I check task-manager, however, the Corsair application is shown. It seems as though the GUI itself didn't render properly on my machine. I doubt it was a .NET issue since Win10 should have this preinstalled either way. If any of you could help me, I'd be extremely grateful! :)
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