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Corsair One (2017) question...can I use iCUE?


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I have one of the 2017 models, Z270I, i7-7700k


Right now, I am running LINK & iCUE (running iCUE because I also have a Corsair RGB keyboard).


I just read elsewhere on the forum that you can use iCUE instead of LINK on the 2017 Corsairs and you'll be able to control fan speed and whatnot just like you would in LINK?


So I can ditch LINK and just run iCUE?


If so, what would be the best practice process to get rid of LINK? Just uninstall it?


And also, if it's true I can simply use iCUE, how come my Corsair One doesn't seem to be detected by iCUE at the moment? All it says I have is the K70 LUX keyboard...


Thanks for your help!

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Hi there,

I have a 2017 Corsair One too. I know for a fact the system will not work with iCUE. A couple of reasons:


1. To clarify first, the top fan runs off the actual pump which is why it's not possible to change the curve. You can only set it to max or default.


2. Because of this, only corsair link can actually read the fan speed. This is because the pump itself is only compatible with specifically corsair link for one. This is why iCUE cannot read the system. It is ultimately a combination of hardware and software compatibility. And this is the only software that can read coolant temps as well.


3. This applies to 2017/2018 versions. The story is similar with the new 2019 versions but in this case the liquid pumps are now only compatible with iCUE.


4. Back when the 2017 version was released, iCUE was still somewhat in its infancy and my guess is since corsair link had been around for much longer, they decided to sync the system with link. Fastforward to 2019, now iCUE is a better software so they can now use that instead but only on the 2019 model.


5. So best thing is to keep link as that maintains the balance between fan curve and coolant temps. The fan curve reacts to coolant temp instead of cpu temps.


Hope this helps.

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