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  1. For the record, I installed 20H2 without incident following the posted instructions. However, I didn't have to make the change in the registry, as it was already set to "CORSAIR ONE"
  2. Again, the URL you posted in that sticky to the latest version of LINK is BROKEN...unless it's just me?
  3. the machine isn't even four years old yet...and they won't support it? I find that hard to believe...especially when it was Corsair that made LINK an absolute REQUIREMENT to be able to effectively cool the original Corsair Ones
  4. Frankly, I find this kind of unacceptable. Why not simply update the LINK software if that is indeed the problem? Or integrate functionality into your newer iCue? Or at least publish this "fix" you are giving out privately, for all to see. I received the instructions via email after I put in a ticket, but I'm still hesitant to update Windows because it sounds as if Corsair hasn't really fixed the problem. Do you guys not have any 2017 Corsair Ones laying around to test this on? People should not be running into issues where they have to reinstall Windows completely just because of LINK software. That's ridiculous coming from a major player like Corsair. Work with Microsoft to get this fixed ASAP. This has been a known issue for quite some time now.
  5. Another question...is it OK to upgrade Windows WITHOUT LINK running? If I uninstall LINK in order to try and upgrade to Win v. 20H2, there will still be some cooling of the CPU/GPU even without LINK running, correct?
  6. Can any of the Corsair moderators here chime in on this one? Have they seen or heard of this problem? And if so, do they have some sort of official (or unofficial) workaround? Is this even a thing? Or has it only happened to a small number of users? Also, the URL to the latest version of the LINK software in the sticky thread ( https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=175259 ) is broken. Can someone provide the correct URL to the latest version of LINK?
  7. I read in the past that there were installation problems with this version of windows and Corsair LINK software. Some people suggested uninstalling LINK, then upgrading windows 10 to 20H2, then reinstalling LINK. Is this still necessary? Windows is telling me it's time to update to 20H2 and I want to avoid any unnecessary headaches. Thanks!
  8. So if users aren't having issues fitting a 3070 in there...it would appear Corsair shouldn't have any problems either...lol Any chance a 3080 would fit in the current case dimensions? Quite honestly, I wouldn't mind it if Corsair had to make their cases a tad fatter and taller to fit the new cards (even a 3090). They are so small as it is now, a little bump up won't change things all that much. I have a few inches on all sides to give, so I would be fine. :-)
  9. Yes, it does help. Thank you very much for the explanation!
  10. I have one of the 2017 models, Z270I, i7-7700k Right now, I am running LINK & iCUE (running iCUE because I also have a Corsair RGB keyboard). I just read elsewhere on the forum that you can use iCUE instead of LINK on the 2017 Corsairs and you'll be able to control fan speed and whatnot just like you would in LINK? So I can ditch LINK and just run iCUE? If so, what would be the best practice process to get rid of LINK? Just uninstall it? And also, if it's true I can simply use iCUE, how come my Corsair One doesn't seem to be detected by iCUE at the moment? All it says I have is the K70 LUX keyboard... Thanks for your help!
  11. If it was a connection issue at the router, wouldn't it also affect existing connections (such as twitch streamers that I am watching)? The main symptom seems to be that any EXISTING connections are maintained, while anything that I look to connect to that is NEW is affected...it won't connect...until I go into Windows WiFi, disconnect my Wifi connection, then reconnect it, and it's instantly back working again. Seems to me it's either a windows issue or a wifi adapter issue...and it's been happening since I bought this PC two years ago...and it's been happening through multiple versions updates of Windows 10 and more than a few WiFi driver updates...nothing seems to make it go away. It seems like a very specific symptom that would point to an obvious problem (existing connections continue to work, new connections fail). But I haven't found anything in my searches that has fixed it yet...I thought maybe it might be a Corsair One problem, but from the lack of responses and lack of really finding anything on the forums, maybe it isn't....it's very strange.
  12. This has been happening since I bought this PC about two years ago. It doesn't matter which WiFi Driver I use, it continues to happen. Symptoms: Every now and then, I will lose my internet. The WiFi symbol still says I am connected. I get all the bars. If I am watching Twitch, streaming a video, etc, it continues streaming no problem, as if I am connected. However, if I go to load a new webpage, it won't load. Browser will say I am not connected to the internet...however, I am...WiFi in windows tray says I am connected, and videos that I already have running keep on streaming fine. It's only when I go to connect to something new, it won't load. The only way to fix it is to click on the wifi icon, disconnect, then reconnect, and everything is back to normal. This problem can disappear for a week or two at a time, then it can happen 5 times in one day. I don't see any error messages in event viewer relating to WiFi or network adapters. I've lived with this for two years now and am really getting tired of it happening...lol Anyone else out there ever experience something like this? I have never connected this PC to ethernet via a wire, and because of where I am set up, I can't do that right now, so don't ask about that. What could possibly be causing something like this? Still being technically connected because streaming videos still continue to work, but not being able to connect to anything new? It doesn't seem to be a DNS issue either, since the last few times this has happened, I actually entered an IP address into the browser (for Google search), and that wouldn't load either. So it's not DNS. Any clues?
  13. Yes, I also had a few scary moments during the second phase of the update (M-Flash). On one of the reboots, I got nothing but a blank screen...you know how that feels...lol Luckily, I was able to turn off the PC after waiting a good while, and was able to boot back into bios and initiate the M-Flash process again, and it worked. I take it XMP isn't enabled by default? So I've been running all this time with slower memory than i should be?
  14. ok, so I updated the bios from the sticky thread (October 2019) on this forum...curiously the date on the bios screen displays 6/2019....I would have thought it would say 10/2019?? I downloaded the bios file from the direct download link on that sticky October 2019 thread... It does say 4C3 on the bios though, so I guess I'm good.
  15. So downloading this file, it looks like it's from 2018. The thread I linked to above is from last month. And, judging by the description and photos, it appears it would be for my Corsair One...yes?
  16. Wait, they have an app that will do it all for you? Is this the correct thread to follow directions? https://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=191003
  17. I have a Corsair One 2017 model (z270I MB, MS-7A66, CS-9000009) I have never updated the BIOS. Can someone post the link in this thread to the correct BIOS update for my machine on this forum? I know there was one released back in May 2018 I believe...but now I think I see one released last month? Do I only need to update using the most recent one, given I've never updated this PC? If anyone could post the link to the correct bios update for my model, I would appreciate it greatly! It's a little confusing at this point, and I want to make sure I'm using the correct update. Thanks!
  18. Just curious how many people have applied the BIOS update and what has been the verdict. Any problems/issues? Any noticeable performance hits after the update? Thanks.
  19. I posted about a similar problem I had about two months ago with crashing on cold boot...was going to try disabling fast boot, but before doing that, I did some research along with help from MS analyzing my crash dump file, and we pegged it as the WiFi driver, believe it or not. I had updated my WiFi driver to the latest from Intel, so I reverted back to the WiFi driver listed on the Corsair One driver web page, and no more crashes on cold boot. Mind you, my problem was a bit different then yours, as the machine would only crash DURING cold boot, not after it had already booted up... Another interesting fact was if you weren't paying attention, and monitoring Windows Event Viewer, you probably wouldn't even know my One was crashing on cold boot, because there never was a BSOD (although a crash dump file was generated). The only way you'd know something was happening during cold boot was I would not see the default ONE logo during boot up...the screen would just be black (I would see the three boot options though, in the upper left)...and you would realize it's taking longer than usual to boot...then the screen would refresh and the ONE logo would appear and it would boot as normal. This would only happen during a cold boot...so it was crashing during initial cold boot, would then try and reboot itself after crash, and then it would work. Reverting back to the original WiFi driver that was posted on the Corsair One website fixed this... If it isn't apparent by now, these machines are rather "delicate," and I'm not surprised it's taking forever for a new BIOS to appear...in fact, I would be very hesitant to update my BIOS on this machine until some time has passed and any major bugs are fleshed out with any new BIOS.
  20. my C1 Pro has been running AOK from day one with the 1080TI...bought it back in September directly from Corsair...
  21. Is there any particular reason why someone running a C1 Pro 1080TI should update LINK? Or is this just addressing the LED problem on the new Pro Plus/Elite units?
  22. No BIOS update has ever been released since I purchased my system last September. I haven't had any issues requiring a BIOS update, but like you said, with the Intel vulnerabilities out there, most people are going to want one ASAP.
  23. It would seem to me a company like Corsair should be able to salvage your SSD/HDD and put them in a replacement device, assuming they still both work and aren't damaged. I once had to send out an ASUS All-In-One and they were able to do just that for me...
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