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New build pc not turning on. Checked everything

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Hi, guys I just finished building my pc and it won't turn on. The PSU seems to be fine as u can hear a noise upon turning it on. I have checked all thr connections and I cannot seem to find anything. Im really frustrated anyone help me please? I would really appreciate your help. Thanks.
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Without knowing what comprises your rig, if this is a new rig with new parts, etc. it's hard to say. My first guess would be your power supply. It may be a "NEW BUILD" but now all new builds use all new parts. If this is a old PSU that would be clue, if it is a NEW PSU, it may be under powered.


The next culprit to suspect is the CPU -- if you bent a pin you might be toast.


Finally the 3rd, but not final, suspect is a memory module.


The BEST way to find out what is wrong is to pull every thing out of the case. If your CPU has on board graphics, then pull EVERYTHING including the graphics card.


Remove all your RAM except for a single stick and see if it boots. if it does then do the same thing for all the RAM.


Finally IF you have a working system you can test the mother board by installing parts from a working computer like a PSU with a known working PSU. While NEW mobos that are DOA are rare, it does happen. If the new rig is similar enough that you can interchange parts with a know working machine you can easily test each part by swapping out each part into the working machine if you swap out a part and suddenly the machine dies, but as soon as you replace with the original parts and it works again you have found the bad part.


This is a giant PITA but you can isolate which part is causing you all the grief. From your description it *sounds* that though you turn on the power the fins all start to spin, but for reasons unknown it never enters POST, and that is a good sign that the #1 suspect it the PSU. Swap it out with a known working PSU and see if it POSTS, and go from there.

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