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Hello people,


let me start off by saying that this 680X build is my 2nd pc build.

The first one is my current 900D (AIR) only. Due my work, being away alot, I am a little hesitant going full water... So pls no comments on the 900D that it is overkill for just AIO..


I wanted a white build. It has to do with some factors I want to add to the case later on, like the figure of a crab /cancer logo because I've lost my mother to it, and my father is currently in his last phase with cancer..

On Tweakers (A Dutch tech/nerd site) I've got a bunch of photo's to look at, if someone is interested so far. ( https://tweakers.net/gallery/413684/fotoalbum/?MapID=95528 ) I am still somewhat in the planning phase on what to do, take looks in consideration, routing the cables (length) etc.


The thing is:

I have a decider to make considering a AIO. I wanted as much Corsair as possible, even had the new 280 rad, but opted to go for a 360 rad in white, so that is unfortunately a Asus LC RGB 360 (with white QL's push pull)

I had mounted the rad with the tubes starting from the bottom of the case towards the pump. Last night I changed that to the tubes starting at the top of the rad, going slightly down towards the pump in a bend config around the RAM-sticks.


Then this morning GamersNexus posted on YT a topic about the AIO orientation, and how it is mostly mounted wrongly.

Long story short: Air (between 2% and 10%)-bubbles in a AIO tend to go to the highest point in a loop (logical). Is the highest point the AIO, then with 99% of the current pumpconfig the pump will run dry and dies over time.


So then to my debate...

My first opt; was on the bottom of the 680X, but didn't want the 240 rad in white. Best option according Nexus is placing the radiator at the top of the case, the air will stay somewhere in the radiator.

I want the 360rad push-pull to the front.

Do I place the rad with the tubes starting from the bottom side of the rad, straight up to the CPU/pump; which is slightly lower then the top of the rad. And let it run for some time on the back of the case so the air will flow to the (then oriented up position) radiator and after e few hours on the normal position or do I mount the rad with the tubes starting from the top side of the rad, in a fancy curl around the RAM sticks to the CPU/pump?



New build specs:

Case: 680X

Motherboard: Asus Prime Z390-A

CPU: 9600K

NVMe: 1 M.2 500GB Samsung

NVMe: 1 M.2 1TB Samsung

PSU: Corsair RM850x (2018) White

RAM: 32GB 2Dimms Corsair White 3000Mhz

RAM: 2Dimms Corsair Light Enhancement kit

Fans: 5x QL 140 white, 6 or 7x QL120 white

AIO: Asus ROG Strix LC 360 White Edition

Keyboard: K70 MK.2 SE

GPU: Asus 1060 DUAL O6GB White



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Added text: And let it run for some time on the back of the case so the air will flow to the (then oriented up position) radi
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