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Looking for a case for my new build. Need room for 6x 3.5 inch drives


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I am building a new system and I can't find a case that will work for me. My current system is over 10 years old and I have 6x 3.5 inch drives that I will need to move over to the new build but I can't find a case that will work. Every last one of the cases I have looked at have only 2x or 3x 3.5 inch drive bays and I can't find any accessory drive bays to add to the case.

My old tower had room for the 6 drives but I need to keep my old system running while I am building my new one. Also that case has mesh front and side panels that provide for plenty of airflow.


Here is what I would like:

- A case with drive bays for 6x 3.5 inch drives or a case where you can add drive bays in order to get up to the 6 drives I need.

- Mid Tower Case 21 inch high (542mm) I might settle for a 18.7 inch case (475mm) if there was enough room inside for what I want to do.

- Mesh (not tempered glass) especially on the front of the case.

- Room for a closed loop processor cooler with a radiator mounted on the inside top of the case

- USB 3.1, 3.2 and 2.0 connections available on the front or top or side of the case. I suppose I could use an external USB 2.0 Hub but that takes up desk space

- One or multiple 5.25 Inch bays usable for either internal ODDs and/or USB connector and status panels.

- RGB that works with Gigabyte Motherboards. Or an accessory that will give me the RGB that works with Gigabyte.


Here is what I plan on building:

Gigabyte Aorus Master Z390 Motherboard

Intel i9-9900k

Samsung 970 EVO Plus pcie 1GB SSD running as pcie 4x

Gigabyte GTX 1660 Super graphics card

CoolerMaster ML280L (or equivalent) Cooler

Crucial Ballistix 32GB - DDR4-3200


Does anyone have any suggestions for a case especially about how to add drive bays to get to the 6x 3.5 inch drives?

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There is good news and bad news. There are some Corsair cases that would fit your requirements with regard to drive size and allow for some mesh front (of varying setups) There is the 678C and the 780T


I have not worked with either of those cases, but they have the required number of 3.5" drive slots and allow for some amount mesh front and radiator space you specified. There is top IO in both, but only the 678C has USB 3.2 (aka USB-C) connector. Only the 780T has the 5.25 bay.


That was the good news. The bad news is this. Nothing and I have a Gigabyte motherboard as well, but nothing works with Gigabyte RGB Fusion as of today. Baring some corporate deal like was just with Corsair and Asus about Aura, nothing works with RGB Fusion. In my experience over the last year, it is trainwreck software that spoils what would otherwise be great hardware. If you need RGB integration with Corsair (or really anyone else) you should chose another motherboard.


Hopes this helps with your decision making.



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