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K70 MK.II HW Profiles Borked


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Hello all, help would be greatly appreciated.


I'm suddenly getting an error message with my K70 MK.2 in icue 3.33.246,


Fist error - "Device is no longer detected or there was an issue with deleting the profile. Please reconnect your device and try again". did all that, same error followed by the below -


Error message "There is an error detected with your device's onboard profiles. One or more profiles are corrupted or undetectable. The profiles affected will be delted from your onboard storage and will need to be resaved again".


After that I went to the keyboard to save a profile,

Onboard profiles are all empty, hit save to slot 1, doesnt like it, causes it to bring the first error message up again.... Any clues anyone?

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For all three? If so, try re-saving the three HW profiles back to device.


How are you doing the saves? Are you using the K70P HW1-HW3 hardware profiles? Or using the "hardware lighting" tab from various software profiles? Both should work, but make sure you are in the Hardware Lighting Tab when creating the effects.

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