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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, help would be greatly appreciated. I'm suddenly getting an error message with my K70 MK.2 in icue 3.33.246, Fist error - "Device is no longer detected or there was an issue with deleting the profile. Please reconnect your device and try again". did all that, same error followed by the below - Error message "There is an error detected with your device's onboard profiles. One or more profiles are corrupted or undetectable. The profiles affected will be delted from your onboard storage and will need to be resaved again". After that I went to the keyboard to save a profile, Onboard profiles are all empty, hit save to slot 1, doesnt like it, causes it to bring the first error message up again.... Any clues anyone?
  2. Last night my keyboard's lights suddenly turned off. I could use the keyboard for another 10 or so minutes before it made the windows device disconnect sound and the keyboard no longer worked. The secondary usb port was working as i had my mouse plugged in to it. A windows explorer window then popped up with the firmware.bin file showing. This closed and opened itself 5 or 6 times over the course of the next few minutes. It now no longer makes any sound or lights when i plug it in and it also doesnt work in second pc. any help would be appreciated. thanks.
  3. A firmware update for the K70 LUX RGB and the Scimitar Pro RGB just came out. I installed both. They both came up with warning after the update had finished, so I re plugged both to see what the warning where. They both said that the update had failed. I restarted my PC, thinking this would fix it. It turned on, but was stuck on a black screen with 90 in the bottom right corner. Nothing would happen until I unplugged my mouse and keyboard. When the Windows login screen loaded, I saw that it was stretched with AMD Eyefinity over both of my monitors. I re plugged my mouse and keyboard, the keyboard only did one thing: Constantly move my mouse to the top left of the screen. I unplugged them both and logged in with an old mouse and keyboard. I fixed the Eyefinity coming out of nowhere then re plugged the mouse to find that it worked, except the thumb buttons and it had default lighting. I plugged in the keyboard to find that it did nothing but move my mouse towards the top left of the screen. I had to wrestle with my mouse to clear the keyboard's onboard cache, but it didn't works. Now I'm here, very annoyed about my bricked £300 worth of mouse and keyboard, making a wall of text with some old rubber dome keyboard, hoping for help.
  4. I was just wondering if I was sent the right firmware for my K70 RGB Rapidfire. I was instructed to hard reset my K70 RGB Rapidfire by support. In order to do this, they sent my a zip file. The zip file is named "K70RAPIDFIRE_V205.zip". Doing the hard reset, CUE now just recognizes my keyboard as only K70 Rapidfire but before it recognizes it as K70 RGB Rapidfire. I think that this zip file/firmware is not the correct firmware for my K70 RGB Rapidfire because I saw in the corsair reddit that there is a zip file named "K70RGBRAPIDFIRE_V205.zip". Long story short, is "K70RAPIDFIRE_V205.zip" the right firmware for my K70 RGB Rapidfire. Or it's not?
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