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Can brand new RAM be corrupted?


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Hello, community. This is my very first post here, please bear with me, I just made an account in hope to get some help/answers. The PC I built crashes very frequently into BSOD with MEMORY MANAGEMENT listed as an error.


What I have tried so far:

• Reinstalled Windows twice with updates

• Running the system with XMP profile disabled - the result is the same, the system goes into BSOD.

• Running the system with XMP profile enabled - the result is the same, the system goes into BSOD.

• AIDA64 test for 30min shown no errors, the system was stable, no issue, no crash.

• Test 1 using MEMTEST86 and both RAM sticks installed running for 2 hours and 25minutes then cancelled shown 38 errors (see pic 1.).

• Test 2 using MEMTEST86 and FIRST RAM stick installed running for 12 hours and 53 minutes shown 0 errors (see pic 2.).

• Test 3 using MEMTEST86 and SECOND RAM stick installed running for 5 minutes then cancelled shown 2 errors (see pic 3.) I assume if I let this test continue using the 2nd RAM stick it would end up with those 38 or more errors.


The components I purchased are:


• CURRENT BIOS - F11p but I experienced problems with F2 as well

• CPU - AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT

• COOLER - Corsair iCUE H100i PRO XT RGB

• RAM - CORSAIR VENGEANCE LPX 64GB (2 x 32GB) DDR4 3600 (PC4-28800) C18 1.35V CMK64GX4M2D3600C18 – it is listed on QVL on the GIGABYTE website


• GPU - 1070TI (until 3070 is in stock)

• PSU - 850W Corsair RM Series RM850 (2020)


• OS - Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit Ver.1909 (OS build 18363.1256)


My question & concern is – is the 2nd RAM stick corrupted? Is there anything I can do to make system stable, and get rid off Blue Screen of Death for good? I really need a stable PC. I understand there is no compatibility issue with components selected. Please help.


This is the 3rd PC I have built in my lifetime and never had this kind of problem. I am a creative designer and I use intensive software packages for digital reconstruction using laser scanning and photogrammetry methods. So I wouldn’t say I am a newbie when it comes to building computers and PC in general. But right now I am very desperate and clueless. PLEASE HELP.




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Thanks for the response, but it doesn't make any sense....at least I see 2 problems here = BSOD and errors in MEMTEST86


  • Let's say you are correct, then can you please explain to me why do I get errors when the only one of the RAM sticks is connected in the same memory slot A2 where other RAM stick shows no errors - MEMTEST86? As stated above this is a pair of two sticks and only one shows errors during the test. If the issue was as you suggested - an in issue with the CPU controller and RAM speeds greater than 3200, then surely both sticks would show errors during the test. But as you can see in my images I uploaded previously only 1 ram stick shows errors. Why is that then?


  • Also, memory without XMP profile enabled runs at default speed 2133MHz at which point I get BSOD as stated above - why does this happen then?


I am fully aware of Ryzen and getting it to work past 3200Mhz - I have read quite a bit on this subject and I follow Gamers Nexus videos. And I appreciate any help but I want to eliminate the issue. Anyhow I will look into the link you provided.

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