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iCUE Text paste won't work


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Hello! I'm Sebi and I'm new here.

I searched for an answer in the web and here, but couldn't find any.


Recently, I switched from a Logitech G910 Keyboard to the legendary Corsair K95 Platinum RGB. I'm very impressed by it's features and build-quality.

However, one of my most used function won't work.


I used my G910 to paste specific text sentences ingame - and it worked flawlessly. When I try to do the same on my K95 with ICUE, simply nothing happens ingame (Battlefield V for example). The text paste however works in other applications like Word.


So, how can I make it work in games like Battlefield?


I'm very grateful for any kind of help!



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  • Corsair Employee

Hey Sebi85, do you typically have hit a key command first before you can start typing in Battlefield? Perhaps that needs to be mapped as well before the text can be input.


Also, are you using text or a macro? Perhaps trying the opposite method may help.

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Yes, I have to press a key to open the chat window, which I make manually. The chat opens and is ready to get input then, but nothin happens.


I haven't tried it with pure Makro input, since I can't "import" the phrases. Is there any way to do so? Or do I have to actually 'write' them in the makro editor?

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