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Sabre RGB Disconnecting


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Hi there,


I have been having issues with my Sabre RGB Mouse for about 2 months now.


The issue is: The mouse will freeze and the cursor will stop moving, as if it disconnects, normally this will happen for about 2 seconds and then the mouse will turn itself back on. Often this happens multiple times in a row though, so it will keep disconnecting and turning on/off. But recently the mouse disconnects and doesn't turn itself back on without me unplugging it. However there are days when the mouse has no problems at all, leaving me quite confused.


I am on the new version of iCUE, the problem happens both with the iCUE program on and off. The mouse is at its newest software version too. The iCUE software will detect an issue and the red alert symbol will show up by the device on the menu. I also have a corsair keyboard which works fine, leaving me to believe the iCUE software is working properly.


I have tried it on every spare usb port on my PC, as well as my laptop and my brother's PC. The problem persists on all systems - leaving me to think it's a hardware issue?


Any help or advice is much appreciated, thank you.

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