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Found 15 results

  1. Hi guys, Really love the sabre RGB mouse, had it since 2017, but the middle mouse click is failing, sometimes it works if I press it hard enough, usually does not. I have reconfigured the Button 8 to do the middle mouse click function for me and that works fine but I wondered if there was a way to fix it? I have already tried software fixes, (soft reset, icue close, icue update etc.) I have already opened the mouse up, cleaned out debris and there is no "obvious" issues, it still makes the tactile "click" noise, if I press directly on the button (instead of the bar) and it also occasionally works. It looks easy enough to remove the button (desolder) and potentially install a new button there, but does anyone know where you can get that button? (part code?) I'm in Sweden right now but shipping from the UK is easy too https://i.imgur.com/qRorU2E.png https://i.imgur.com/12CbD0t.png
  2. Nach dem Hochfahren blinkt meine Sabre RGB plötzlich mit allem was sie hat wie ein Blinker und wird zwar in icue erkannt aber man kann das Icon nicht anklicken. Icue verlangt auch ein Firmwareupdate, welches durchgeführt wird, aber bei der Maus wohl nicht ankommt. Nächstes Mal will icue wieder ein Update machen. Ich habe icue deinstalliert (ging nicht über Windows) aber über die iCUESetup_3.38.61_release.exe.(und neu installiert) Im Geräte Manager sind 5 HD-konforme Maustreiber installiert.
  3. Bonjour, J'ai actuellement un set de périphérique Corsair (Corsair Straffe, Corsair Sabre, Corsair VOID ELITE), un problème se pose à moi, depuis le Upgrade de mon pc par un ryzen 7 3700X, une B450 et de la ram en 3200Mhz, mes périphériques ont tendances à (tous) se déconnecter / reconnecter de façon aléatoire et intempestive (régulièrement en pleine game donc c'est bof). Je pense que ca à un rapport avec le logiciel Icue, mais après l'avoir mis à jour / désinstaller / réinstaller, aucune changement. Avez-vous eu la même chose ? Si oui, comment régler le problème svp ?
  4. Hi there, I have been having issues with my Sabre RGB Mouse for about 2 months now. The issue is: The mouse will freeze and the cursor will stop moving, as if it disconnects, normally this will happen for about 2 seconds and then the mouse will turn itself back on. Often this happens multiple times in a row though, so it will keep disconnecting and turning on/off. But recently the mouse disconnects and doesn't turn itself back on without me unplugging it. However there are days when the mouse has no problems at all, leaving me quite confused. I am on the new version of iCUE, the problem happens both with the iCUE program on and off. The mouse is at its newest software version too. The iCUE software will detect an issue and the red alert symbol will show up by the device on the menu. I also have a corsair keyboard which works fine, leaving me to believe the iCUE software is working properly. I have tried it on every spare usb port on my PC, as well as my laptop and my brother's PC. The problem persists on all systems - leaving me to think it's a hardware issue? Any help or advice is much appreciated, thank you.
  5. For a little while my mouse wheel seems to be acting up. It is no longer scrolling fluently and is stuttering or switches directions at random. I am going to pick up a can on air to give it a spray, and I was curious if any other people have had this issue. What side should I direct the air flow? Since the mouse is now out of warranty, would it be safe to open up to have a look and better clean? Are there are instructions that I can follow so I do not damage my mouse and that allows me to reassemble without any further problems? The mouse is on sale right now, and I wonder if I should just repurchase the mouse, but I want to make sure this mouse wheel issue is not something that is prone for this model. Thanks for the help!
  6. Hi guys how are you? A couple of days ago, my Sabre rgb 2016 firmware was updated. Since the update, if I select White as the color of all zones, the white is now a blueish white. This wasn't happening before. Anyway to revert the firmware to 2.03 or a solution for this? Thanks.
  7. So i walked away from my PC for a sec, came back and my mouse wasn't lit up or working. I popped in an old cheapy microsoft wireless mouse to reinstall icue (updated it to latest) no dice. It shows in device manager 3 mice plugged (HID compliant) in when theres only 2, furthermore it shows the sabre as being manufactured by microsoft and the driver as being microsoft as well. I have uninstalled and rebooted thru device manager, i have reinstalled CUE, i have plugged mouse into different ports. I cannot get CUE see the sabre at all, it shows my H100 and my k70 lux with no issues. But no mouse. It is almost as if it refuses to use the proper drivers, and device manager shows it continues to try and run with a microsoft driver from 2006 no matter what i do (wtf) So currently my mouse is dead, doesnt work, wont be properly recognized, and idk what the heck to do. Maybe older version of CUE?
  8. My Sabre rgb, disconnects now and then while gaming or browsing, lights on it goes off, after 2-3 seconds it goes on and works just fine. What's the cause of it, it may be irritating while gaming. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi Guys, i am sorry for posting in this section, probably I shouldn't be here, but i don't really know where to go, and I am having problem with the login on corsair support, with the error code: C65952B4-121C-41F1-8C77-1EA27A9DD5CD Let's jump to the real problem. I'm having some issues with CUE (tried v2 and v3) and my SABRE RGB (om firmware 2.04). CUE reports malfunction. When I plug the mouse it works correctly for 1 or 2 minutes, and then it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. It shut down all the LEDs. The only one that works is the DPI one, but it seems sensitive to proximity with the table. The more the mouse it's close to the table, the more it becomes red. At times the mouse seems stutters. Help me please :( Sorry for my bad English... Thanks a lot ;)
  10. The mouse stops tracking for a sec when I set it back down. The lift height seems to be around 2 mm no matter which setting I choose. But that's not even the problem here. I have tried different surfaces and it doesn't matter. every time I set it down there is like a 3% chance that it wont track for a sec. I looked around in forums and I wasn't the only one with the problem. Some people had it stuck in high lift height setting. None of the threads I found, had solutions. One thread had the developers recognize that the 2.04 firmware is probably the issue and also shows LED colors that are a bit off. They promised a firmware update the next weak from that tread. It was 2 years ago and the latest firmware version is still the same 2.04 Edit: the issue hasn't appeared since I set the lift height to low (also saved this to the device). I guess I just can't use the medium and high settings. Low is actually good for me. It wasn't intuitive to try the low setting though. Since the medium (default) had bad tracking and lost tracking even if I lifted one side of the mouse a couple of millimeters, I just assumed I have to increase the lift height. Medium and high both performed the same. Kinda accidentally left it to "low" for a while and noticed it works. It also seems less laggy. BTW using the mouse while CUE is not running didn't work either before I set it to low height.
  11. It's making now a year im using the software with my k70 rapidfire and my sabre rgb everything was fine !! but when i uploaded the new version of CUE my keybind and my dpi setting on my mouse stop working after a short period of time for no reason it's seem to forgot that my front, back and top button are binded to key like R or E so even when im on a word text page or in game it's very anoying. On the last version of the software it was working fine... pressing the front button was writing R and in game i was able to reaload ¨¨ but now when im restarting or starting my computer it's working for a short period of time and then it's stop for no reason and when i open CUE it's still binded to these key and when im restarting the whole comptuter it's working ..It's making the same thing with my DPI setting it's bloked on the setting i was the colors don't even change ... again when im restarting it work but after 15-30 min it stop working and im stuck on the dpi setting i was before it crash.... I have tried to reinstal the software but no result at all ! same problem ! :sigh!: i whish you can resolve this quickly cause i feel like i was having a normal mice with no extra button/dpi setting at all :( exept for the collors seting that is still working fine .... everything was working with the old version i wish i could get it .... Or fix the new one ! Thanks for your fast reply on my problem ! v 2.24.35 !!!! update !!! I notice that when i scroll my volume up or down on my k70 rapidfire it shut of my dpi and my button might be the explication of why it was not a matter of time or a bug !!!! I switch to a older version of the cue 2.16.87 and it's working fine now ! the new version was anoying so i had to remake my setting but it was a good decision..... but you cans find it on the forum http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=138472
  12. So about a year ago i purchased the Corsair Sabre RGB gaming mouse. Everything has been amazing until today. I left for work around 4pm CST this afternoon, shut down the pc. Then came home powered up the system and noticed the mouse was blinking white on the DPI, Logo, and Scroll wheel. Went into CUE (the latest version) and noticed there was an update, so i did it. it completed, but showed the mouse as greyed out and i was unable to change anything. Updated again, same thing. The update is still an option. I go into windows devices and notice there is a driver error, but i just updated the drivers manually and it still shows this. Any ideas? I've tried everything i can think of. (rebooted, uninstalled cue, tried 3 different ports including PS2, downgraded a version of CUE.) HELP ME!!
  13. Hola. el titulo es bastante descriptivo, cuando le doy a guardar en dispositivo, me guarda el perfil de iluminación y la configuración de DPI, pero las acciones que he personalizado para los botones no. los botones quedan por defecto y solo funciona con la configuración personalizada si está el CUE abierto. un saludo y gracias
  14. Counter-Strike has been around for about 15 years now, but it is really just getting starting when it comes to mainstream gaming acceptance and popularity. As it continues to make a name for itself in the rapidly emerging world of E-Sports, many new players are joining the ranks of CT’s and T’s in the epic struggle of blowing stuff up and rescuing hostages. One thing that I see over and over again when I am spectating inexperienced players is that their aim is all over the place. 9 times out of 10, their high mouse sensitivity is to blame for this. It is true that your mouse sensitivity is largely based on personal preference, and that there are some pro players that play with high sensitivity, but if you are just getting started you should start with a manageable sensitivity and then fine tune it as you become more accustomed to the world of Counter-Strike. In this blog entry I am going to show you how to initially configure both your Windows and in-game mouse settings to give you a starting point where you can begin to find your ideal sensitivity. Keep in mind that this is what has worked for me, and there are lots of other guides out there that may have different approaches. Let’s start with your Windows mouse settings. Go to the Windows control panel and click on the mouse icon to bring up your “Mouse Properties,” then go to the “Pointer Options” tab. First thing to do here is make sure that your pointer speed is set to the 6th position out of the 11 possible positions (6/11). You can see this in the picture below. This makes it so that the mouse sensor and the Windows settings are running in a 1:1 ratio with zero mouse acceleration, or modification going on behind the scenes. Mouse acceleration is undesirable when playing FPS games because it makes your mouse sensitivity adjust on the fly based on how quickly you swipe the mouse across your mouse pad. This leads to inconsistent aiming and makes it difficult to develop the muscle memory that is required for high level play. Next, make sure that the “Enhance pointer precision” box is unchecked. This is another Windows mouse acceleration setting that is not desirable in FPS games. Alright, now that the windows settings are configured, jump into CS: GO and head to the Keyboard / Mouse options. Configure the following settings: Mouse Sensitivity: 1 Raw Input: On Mouse Acceleration: Off Some of these in-game settings may seem redundant since we already turned off mouse acceleration in Windows, but I would suggest setting them anyway to be sure that mouse acceleration is off and stays off. With the settings we have changed so far, your mouse sensor is now delivering raw data to the game without any modification from Windows or in-game settings. Basically, the DPI value on your mouse is 100% in control of your mouse sensitivity, without any modifiers being applied. From here we can start to adjust your mouse sensitivity via the DPI settings in your mouse software. I have been playing CS: GO with the Corsair Gaming Sabre mouse since it was released a few months ago, so I am going to use it for this example. Other gaming mice manufacturers should have similar DPI adjustment settings available in their own software. So let’s open up the software for your mouse and find the DPI settings. In Corsair’s CUE software you will find the “Performance & DPI” tab under the “Profiles” section, seen below: Before we continue, let’s quickly talk about what DPI is. It stands for “Dots Per square Inch” and will determine the resolution of the sensor in the mouse. Higher DPI means that the sensor is more sensitive and more accurate, but that doesn’t mean that higher is always better. Think about a steering wheel on a car, you want it to be sensitive enough to be responsive to your movements in a controlled manner, but not so sensitive that every little minor twitch movement is detected and sends you veering off the road. I currently play with 1050 DPI, and you can see that it is in the No. 3 position, right in the middle of all available DPI stages. With the Sabre mouse, there is a color coded indicator on the mouse which shows you which DPI setting is active, so you can be sure you are on the right one while in game. The DPI stages are very useful since you can easily switch your DPI using the hardware buttons on the mouse, based on what you are doing. For example, you may want a higher DPI when you are on the desktop and other DPI settings for games other than CS: GO. (By default, on the Corsair Gaming Sabre mouse pictured below the red light on the side of the mouse will change based on which DPI is selected via the two hardware buttons above it.) I would suggest starting with a DPI that allows you to do a full 360 degree turn with one swipe across your entire mouse surface. If you are looking for a starting point, you can use this handy calculator. http://www.notalent.org/sensitivity/sensitivity.htm Below you can see the calculations for my own settings: In CS: GO, once you figure out your own starting point I would suggest gradually decreasing your DPI over time. Lower sensitivity gives you more controllable accuracy, but it also means that you will need to be more aware of where your mouse is on your mouse surface and reposition it more often based on what is going on in game. If you get to a point where you are unable to counter unexpected enemies that have crept up behind you, you will either need to get better at resetting your mouse position, or raise your DPI back up a few notches. I started out at about 1500 DPI and have slowly decreased it in 50 DPI steps over the last few months. I’m close to finding my ideal sensitivity, but I think I can still go a little bit lower to maximize my aiming precision, while still being able to accurately maneuver and react to threats from all directions. Hopefully this blog entry helps you get a handle on your mouse sensitivity, which I believe is the first step towards improving your aim!
  15. It’s been a little while since we’ve hit you with a review roundup. We’re in the calm before the storm: in just a couple short weeks, CES 2015 will be upon us, and the industry will spin up to full tilt again. But for now, we still have a doozy of a review roundup for you. The Corsair Gaming umbrella continues to gain traction with the series of high quality peripherals being released under it, while reviews still trickle in for our HXi power supplies. Corsair Gaming H1500 and H2100 We’ll start with reviews of our USB-based gaming headset, the Corsair Gaming H1500. Guru3D, eTeknix, and Benchmark Reviews all gave it a listen, and every last one came away impressed. Guru3D’s Hilbert Hagedoorn said “The Corsair Gaming H1500 shines in a nice deep and dynamic sounding bass, clear voices, and the treble that we increased a notch totally fits my personal sound flavor. These factors combined satisfy my personal audio flavor real fast.” He gave it a Recommended award. While we’re at Guru3D, Hilbert also tried out our higher end wireless Corsair Gaming H2100 headset and gave it a Top Pick award, saying “For straight up gaming, the H2100 is tough to beat, the overall clarity and nice bass make it a killer headset.” The reviewer at eTeknix shared a similar sentiment before giving it the Editor’s Choice award: “The Corsair Gaming H1500 is one of the best mid-budget gaming headsets available. It’s lightweight and comfortable to use for long gaming sessions, it has powerful and clear audio and it also has one of the best microphones I’ve tested. A solid all-round performance from Corsair.” Finally, our friends at Benchmark Reviews called it “a lot of headset for the price” and “just what the doctor ordered for the budget gamer.” The H1500 walked away with their Golden Tachometer. Corsair Gaming Mice and Keyboards While I can’t technically say our keyboards are the best in the business, they have a habit of getting some pretty high accolades, and they’re being joined by our new RGB mice. We’ll start with Slashgear, which took a pretty comprehensive look at our RGB keyboards along with our M65 RGB mouse and came away smiling, saying: “We came for the colorful madness of the RGB hook, we stayed for the highest-end precision delivered in-game. Both the keyboard collection and the mouse usher in Corsair Gaming with a bang.” Next, Erik Fredriksen at TechnoBuffalo had this to say about our K70 RGB: “The customization options presented by the software put the K70 and its bigger and smaller siblings in a class of their own. If you want to do anything beyond simply typing, not much else can compare. The possibilities Corsair’s software presents are virtually endless in the hands of a creative user.” Over at Vortez, Tony Le Bourne got his game on with the M65 RGB and found it worthy of a Gold award: “After spending some time with the Corsair Gaming M65 RGB, the performance has proved to be strong and satisfying, making a trusted weapon for all FPS enthusiasts.” Finally, the optical version of our brand new Sabre RGB gaming mouse (a hit in its own right in the office) was reviewed at both Tweak.dk and Hardware Heaven and in both cases left with an award, with Tweak.dk giving it their “Great Product” award and Hardware Heaven giving it their Recommended award. With the rash of quality Corsair Gaming hardware out of the way, we turn our attention to reviews of our HX1000i power supplies. Corsair HX1000i Power Supply The 1,000-watt, 80 Plus Platinum, Corsair Link-enabled beast that is the HX1000i was reviewed by both eTeknix and Hardwareluxx, and in both reviews, walked away an award-winner. eTeknix’s Ryan Martin specifically concluded, “With silent operation, impressive performance and a selection of digital controls and monitoring the HX1000i offers a great cheaper alternative to Corsair’s premium AXi series.” Corsair Cases We also had three of our cases – including the recently launched Carbide Series 330R Titanium Edition – go out for review. The new 330R Titanium adds an attractive new gunmetal-colored brushed aluminum finish to the door of the 330R along with built-in fan control, and Technic3D was happy enough with it to give it their Silver award. The Tech Report revisited the Air 240 and discovered something you and I already knew: “With all of its stock fan mounts populated, the Carbide Series Air 240 delivers superb cooling performance.” That superb cooling performance, coupled with the killer feature set, earned our Air 240 a “Recommended” award. Rounding out our case reviews, TechPowerUp goes hands on with our Obsidian Series 250D. They called it a “small chassis with a huge punch” and gave it a 9.5 score and an Editor’s Choice award. Finally, the best of the rest: ConseilConfig.com reviewed our popular Hydro Series H75 liquid cooler (a perfect match for the HG10 bracket if ever there were one) and gave it a score of 4.1 out of five stars. …and last but not least, the crew over at Madshrimps put the screws to our Vengeance LPX DDR4 and made it sing. They said “Tweaking potential is more than present and this kit can compete with other high end kits, which might be higher priced.” For that potential, it earned a Performance award.
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