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Commander pro - no CPU Temp


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Due to the crappy fan controller on the Asus B450-I motherboard I have decided to purchase the commander pro.

Installation was easy and all seems to be more stable and quiet.


But! I cant find a cpu temp reading in the menus to control the ddc pump and radiator fans.


I see these sensors: (I have connected 3 sensors from the kit.)

-Temp sensor 1 (air inntake)

-Temp sensor 2 (Memory modules)

-Temp sensor 3 (case)

-RTX 2070 super

-ASUSTeK Computer inc. rog strix B450-i gaming Temp #1

-ASUSTeK Computer inc. rog strix B450-i gaming Temp #2

-ASUSTeK Computer inc. rog strix B450-i gaming Temp #3


I am normally a somewhat good googler, but I can't find what these 3 asus sensors are, and if it's even possible to read the cpu temp for commander pro? (The asus fan xpert reads cpu temp just fine)

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That is unlikely. Your CPU temp sensors should be listed as "AMD Ryzen 3700x Core Temp 1-8" or AMD Ryzen 3700x package temp. That is if CPUID has been updated for Ryzen 3000 yet.


You might see some motherboard temp data listed as ASUStek Computer INC "model" and then of course the rest is cut off. Those are the various motherboard sensor values as interpreted by iCUE, but be aware those have a tendency to change and/or shuffle position. I would not consider any of those values reliable.


You seem to be running a radiator cooling system for the CPU. I am not sure why you are using CPU temp as a control variable. It is not really applicable to your pump or radiator fan speeds. You would be better served using one of the Commander Pro temp sensors to measure exhaust air temp from the CPU radiator. That will approximate coolant temperature and give more meaningful fan and pump speed control. Those 10K thermistor lines are also the native control source for the Commander Pro. They will work even when the software is not running, including boot/shutdown cycles. I suspect your fans are going to max out each time you close the program in the current set-up.

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